00:00:01Convene State Board Meeting
00:01:48Comments - Mrs. Meryl Johnson
00:03:48Comments - Mr. Tim Miller
00:06:26Comments - Dr. Jenny Kilgore
00:07:04Comments - Mrs. Meryl Johnson
00:08:58Amendment - Mr. Tim Miller
00:10:31Comments - Mrs. Martha Manchester
00:12:02Comments - Mrs. Meryl Johnson
00:15:25Comments - Mr. Tim Miller
00:15:54Vote on Amendment
00:17:06Comments - Mrs. Diana Fessler
00:17:50Amendment - Mr. John Hagan
00:19:33Vote on Amendment
00:20:38Comments - Mrs. Meryl Johnson
00:22:04Comments - Mrs. Diana Fessler
00:23:14Comments - Mrs. Martha Manchester
00:24:34Comments - Mrs. Laura Kohler
00:25:12Vote on Minutes
00:28:03Report of the Interim Superintendent of Public Instruction
00:40:07Academic Distress Commission Updates
00:45:14Q&A - Mrs. Meryl Johnson
00:47:47Q&A - Mrs. Diana Fessler
00:48:54Q&A - Mrs. Charlotte McGuire
00:50:21Q&A - Mr. Steve Dacken
00:52:05Q&A - Mrs. Laura Kohler
00:53:52Report Card Updates
00:59:33Q&A - Mrs. Diana Fessler
01:00:54Q&A - Mr. Walt Davis
01:01:44Comments - Dr. Stephanie Siddens
01:02:50Q&A - Mrs. Diana Fessler
01:04:13Q&A - Mrs. Diana Fessler
01:04:39Legislative Update
01:08:20Q&A - Mrs. Meryl Johnson
01:09:56Q&A - Mr. Walt Davis
01:12:06Q&A - Dr. Christina Collins
01:12:45Comments - Mr. Paul LaRue
01:13:14Q&A - Mrs. Meryl Johnson
01:13:58Q&A - Mrs. Diana Fessler
01:22:46Q&A - Mrs. Diana Fessler
01:24:58Q&A - Mrs. Meryl Johnson
01:25:40Q&A - Mrs. Diana Fessler
01:27:04Review of Written Reports and Items for Vote
01:29:13Comments - Mrs. Martha Manchester
01:31:01Q&A - Mrs. Diana Fessler
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