Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Ohio Channel?

The Ohio Channel is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week mixture of state government coverage, public affairs programming and Ohio-based documentaries and programs provided as a service of Ohio's Public Broadcasting Stations. Local and statewide topics of interest to Ohioans are distributed across the state by eTech and broadcast via Ohio's 12 Public Broadcasting Stations. In addition to the live coverage of the legislative, judicial and executive branches The Ohio Channel offers web coverage of important state events.

How Can I Get The Ohio Channel in my home?

The Ohio Channel is distributed by Ohio's Public Broadcasting Stations and is available on many of their digital channels. Newer television sets and those with digital antenna can pick up broadcasts of The Ohio Channel over the air. Many communities also broadcast The Ohio Channel on their government access cable channels. View our channel locator for a full list of broadcast areas and station numbers.

Do I need to purchase special software to use this website?

No, you do not need to purchase any software in order to use this site. All required software is publicly available free of charge and you can find a list of links to the distributing companies on our site requirements page.

Which web browser should I use when visiting

Any standards-compliant web browser will render this site accurately. View our site requirements page for a list of suggested products.

Is The Ohio Channel related to Ohio Government Telecommunications (OGT)?

Yes, Ohio Government Telecommunications is the parent company of The Ohio Channel.

Is The Ohio Channel a government agency?

The Ohio Channel is not a government agency. The Ohio Channel is operated by Ohio Government Telecommunications (OGT) which combines its unedited, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the three branches of state government with a mixture of public affairs, cultural, and educational programming all dealing with Ohio from Ohio's Public Broadcasting Stations.

Does The Ohio Channel sell my personal information?

The Ohio Channel does not store credit card numbers nor do we sell or distribute personal information entered upon making a purchase.

What is The Ohio Channel's return policy?

Because of the potential of home digital reproduction of DVDs, we are unable to offer returns once a product has been opened.

When did first go online?

The Ohio Channel website officially went live February 2004.