00:00:02Convene Session
00:00:04Roll Call
00:03:23Testimony - Sharetta Smith, Mayor of Lima
00:12:18Testimony - Mike O'Connor, O'Conner Investment Properties
00:16:08Q&A - Sen. Matt Huffman
00:17:43Q&A - Sen. Terry Johnson
00:18:28Q&A - Sen. Andrew Brenner
00:18:53Comment - Sen. Michele Reynolds
00:20:00Q&A - Sen. Hearcel Craig
00:21:43Testimony - Tara Reynolds Bales, Executive Director, Lima/Allen County Regional Planning Commission
00:28:38Q&A - Sen. Andrew Brenner
00:30:52Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
00:34:50Testimony - Jed Metzger, Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce
00:40:55Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
00:42:18Q&A - Sen. Hearcel Craig
00:44:18Testimony - George Thomas, The Fair Housing Center
00:50:27Q&A - Sen. Terry Johnson
00:52:30Q&A - Sen. Hearcel Craig
00:55:01Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
00:57:24Testimony - Gary McPheron, Lima Community Improvement Corporation
01:01:02Testimony - Phil Buell, Superior Credit Union, Inc.
01:06:19Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
01:07:03Q&A - Sen. Matt Huffman
01:10:10Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
01:11:35Testimony - Kurt Neeper, Superior Financial Solutions
01:15:50Testimony - Dave Stratton, Allen Economic Development Group
01:20:07Q&A - Sen. Andrew Brenner
01:22:03Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
01:22:49Q&A - Sen. Matt Huffman
01:25:28Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
01:26:05Testimony- Kurt Alexander, Proctor & Gamble Lima
01:27:47Q&A - Sen. Matt Huffman
01:29:19Testimony - Brendan Fischer, Allen Co. Public Health
01:34:36Q&A - Sen. Andrew Brenner
01:39:36Testimony - Tammie Colon, Mental Health and Recovery Services of Allen, Auglaize and Hardin Counties
01:44:21Testimony - Brandon Hill, North Columbus Jaycees Housing Development Foundation
01:53:38Testimony - Tona Froehlich, The Barcus Company
01:57:17Q&A - Sen. Hearcel Craig
01:57:51Testimony - Robert Day, Mayor of Edgerton
02:01:13Testimony - Dawn Fitzcharles, Administrator, City of Edgerton
02:05:57Testimony - Tim Bete, St. Mary Development Corporation
02:11:32Testimony - Kraig Noble, City of St. Marys
02:14:42Testimony - Mike Barhorst, Mayor of Sidney
02:20:14Testimony - Carrie Schlade, Mayor of Bryan, Ohio Municipal League
02:25:22Q&A - Sen. Hearcel Craig
02:26:26Testimony - Michael K. Hart, Toledo Lucas Co. Homelessness Board
02:34:35Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
02:36:54Testimony - Coleena Ali, Division of Housing and Community Development, City of Toledo
02:41:16Testimony - Lila Wohlwend, Clear Sky Realty
02:45:20Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
02:47:41Testimony - Joaquin Cintron Vega, Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority
02:54:50Q&A - Sen. Hearcel Craig
02:58:20Testimony - Mike Blass, Blass Group of Companies
03:04:41Q&A - Sen. Terry Johnson
03:08:18Q&A - Sen. Matt Huffman
03:13:37Testimony - Aleashea Hohe, Area Agency on Aging 3
03:20:02Testimony - Erin McPartland, Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity
03:28:05Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
03:31:15Testimony - Caren Bauer, New Home Development
03:37:22Testimony - Kim Burns, West Ohio Community Action Partnership
03:44:36Testimony - Sally Fish, The Ability Center of Greater Toledo
03:48:18Testimony - Wendy McCormick, Habitat for Humanity of Findlay/Hancock County
03:58:08Q&A - Sen. Hearcel Craig
03:59:51Testimony - Katherine Hunt Thomas, The Ability Center of Greater Toledo
04:09:59Testimony - Teresa Shaffer, First United Methodist Church Van Wert
04:13:12Testimony - Tiffany Shaver, Great Lakes Community Action Partnership
04:20:05Testimony - Susan Wren, Great Lakes Community Action Partnership
04:25:35Testimony - Alicia Ricker, Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission
04:26:26Testimony - Jamie Ramos, Haven of Hope
04:29:45Testimony - Tim Stanford, Project 129
04:39:15Q&A - Sen. Matt Huffman
04:40:00Q&A - Sen. Hearcel Craig
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