00:00:02Convene Session
00:00:05Roll Call
00:00:29Governor's Appointment
00:00:41Testimony - Kara B. Wente, Director of Ohio Office of Children and Youth
00:04:32Comment - Sen. Rulli
00:05:27Comment - Sen. DeMora
00:05:36Comment - Sen. Antonio
00:06:14Governor's Appointment - Vote
00:06:46H. B. No. 86
00:07:56Testimony - Mike Getlin, Nectar Markets of Ohio
00:14:46Q&A - Sen. Rulli
00:16:21Q&A - Sen. DeMora
00:16:49Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:19:10Q&A - Sen. Rulli
00:20:30Testimony - Geoff Kroff, Galenas LLC
00:26:52Q&A - Sen. DeMora
00:28:27Q&A - Sen. Rulli
00:32:34Testimony - Matt Close, Ohio Cannabis Coalition
00:40:52Q&A - Sen. DeMora
00:42:39Q&A - Sen. Rulli
00:43:14Testimony - William Schuck, Interested Party
00:51:23Q&A - Sen. Rulli
00:52:20Q&A - Sen. DeMora
00:54:52Testimony - Brian Scotese, Lighthouse Sciences LLC
01:03:01Q&A - Sen. Rulli
01:04:41Q&A - Sen. DeMora
01:06:08Testimony - Chris Avondet, Outdoor Advertising Association of Ohio
01:10:06Q&A - Sen. DeMora
01:10:59Testimony - Jeff Terlep, OUTFRONT Media
01:16:12Comment - Sen. Rulli
01:16:27Q&A - Sen. Gavarone
01:17:29Q&A - Sen. DeMora
01:18:13Testimony - Greg Churilla, Lamar Advertising Company
01:21:56Testimony - Nick Keys Jr., Key-Ads, Inc
01:25:25Testimony - Corinne Gasper, Jennifer's Messengers
01:29:53Comment - Sen. Rulli
01:32:37Testimony - Aubree Adams, Every Brain Matters
01:40:33Comment - Sen. Rulli
01:42:35Testimony - Nickole Ross, Interested Party
01:48:17Q&A - Sen. Rulli
01:49:45Q&A - Sen. DeMora
01:51:26Testimony - Bill Creedon, Ohio Manufacturer's Association
01:57:12Q&A - Sen. Gavarone
01:58:09Q&A - Sen. DeMora
01:59:30Testimony - Daniel Kessler, Riviera Creek
02:06:11Q&A - Sen Rulli
02:11:51Q&A - Sen. DeMora
02:14:43Testimony - Tim Bechtold, Ohio Association of Broadcasters
02:20:50Testimony - John Colvin, Drug and Poison Information Center
02:23:18Testimony - Hannah Hayes, Central Ohio Poison Center
02:27:33Q&A - Sen. DeMora
02:29:23Comment - Sen. Rulli
02:32:04Testimony - Robert Butler, Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police
02:35:20Q&A - Sen. DeMora
02:38:30Testimony - Tim Johnson, Cannabis Safety First
02:45:33Comment - Sen. Rulli
02:46:00Testimony - Rob Crane, Preventing Tobacco Foundation
02:52:30Comment - Sen. Rulli
02:53:04Testimony - Ted Bibart, Opponent
02:59:29Comment - Sen. Rulli
03:00:00Testimony - Julie Doran, Ohio Friends and Family
03:04:22Testimony - Anthony Riley, Ohio Cannabis Live
03:09:52Q&A - Sen. Rulli
03:12:16Testimony - Thomas Broderick, Relief Buddies LLC DBA Relief Buddies
03:19:17Testimony - Latasha Roundtree, Interested Party
03:26:21Testimony - Cat Packer, Drug Policy Alliance
03:30:57Q&A - Sen. Rulli
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