00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:04Roll Call
00:01:16Am. Sub. H.B. No. 166
00:02:10Testimony - Kirk Roberts, Ohio Cemetary Association
00:04:58Testimony - Dan Applegate, Ohio Cemetary Association
00:07:26Testimony - Erika Anthony, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
00:11:00Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:12:59Q&A - Sen. Dolan
00:14:52Testimony - Ann Aquillo, Scotts Miracle-Gro
00:20:55Q&A - Sen. Eklund
00:21:58Q&A - Sen. Dolan
00:23:05Testimony - Deborah McHamm, A Cultural Exchange
00:29:30Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:30:10Q&A - Sen. Terhar
00:33:18Testimony - Terry Armstrong, Lordstown Local Schools
00:37:35Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
00:39:53Q&A - Sen. Lehner
00:40:46Testimony - Ginger Young, The Childhood League Center
00:45:27Q&A - Sen. Terhar
00:47:31Testimony - Tony Thomas, Welcome House, INC
00:51:19Testimony - Megan Nachtwey, Welcome House, INC
00:52:53Testimony - Trish Otter, UCP of Greater Cleveland
00:56:13Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:57:40Q&A - Sen. Sykes
00:59:01Testimony - Gary Tonks, The Arc of Ohio
01:02:52Testimony - Barbara Riley, Ohio Aging Advocacy Coalition
01:11:01Q&A - Sen. Lehner
01:13:38Testimony - Ken Culver, Big Brothers Big Sisters
01:15:25Testimony - Seth Flowers, Big Brothers Big Sisters
01:18:14Testimony - Kelly Maynard, Little Hercules Foundations
01:24:11Testimony - Erin Ryan, The Ohio Women's Public Policy Network
01:29:22Q&A - Sen. Antonio
01:31:20Testimony - Lynanne Gutierrez, Groundwork Ohio
01:36:53Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
01:38:58Testimony - Domanica Ede, Safe Haven Family Childcare
01:43:15Q&A - Sen. Sykes
01:47:41Q&A - Sen. Lehner
01:48:02S.B. No. 39
01:49:24Amendment - Sen. Terhar
01:50:10Amendment - Sen. Sykes
01:52:50Q&A - Sen. Antonio
01:55:21Am. Sub. H.B. No. 166
01:55:38Testimony - Jane Marshall, United Way of Greater Dayton, Public Policy Committee
01:59:19Comments - Sen. Dolan
02:00:27Testimony - Michelle Davidson, Imagination Station Learning Center
02:07:39Testimony - Ron Rees, Corporation for Appalachian Development
02:11:17Q&A - Sen. Lehner
02:13:49Testimony - Margaret Tazewell, Knox County Head Start, INC
02:20:19Testimony - Caroline Lahrmann, Interested Party
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