00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:00:33Comments - Sen. Dolan
00:01:08H. B. No. 33
00:01:30Testimony - Kim Murnieks, Director, Ohio Office of Budget & Management
00:56:08Q&A - Sen. Sykes
00:59:27Q&A - Sen. Reineke
01:01:50Q&A - Sen. Cirino
01:06:29Q&A - Sen. Blessing
01:09:47Q&A - Sen. Brenner
01:14:06Q&A - Sen. Hicks-Hudson
01:16:51Q&A - Sen. Dolan
01:19:36Testimony - Wendy Zhan, Director, Ohio Legislative Service Commission
01:33:26Q&A - Sen. Dolan
01:34:12Q&A - Sen. Sykes
01:35:37Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
01:36:20At Ease
01:36:32Governor's Appointment
01:36:39Governor's Appointment - Vote
01:37:11S. B. No. 6
01:37:35Amendment - Sen. Schuring
01:39:00Amendment - Sen. Schuring
01:40:06Amendment - Sen. Schuring
01:40:56S. B. No. 6 - Vote
01:41:46At Ease
01:42:53Testimony - Joy Mulinex, Director, Lake Erie Commission
01:49:00Testimony - Brian Baldridge, Director, Ohio Department of Agriculture
01:58:10Testimony - Anne Vogel, Director, Ohio Department of Environmental Protection Agency
02:03:27Testimony - Mary Mertz, Director, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
02:19:11Q&A - Sen. Cirino
02:21:14Q&A - Sen. Gavarone
02:22:36Q&A - Sen. Craig
02:27:52Q&A - Sen. Dolan
02:40:14Testimony - Maureen Corcoran, Director, Ohio Department of Medicaid
03:49:12Q&A - Sen. Cirino
03:55:26Q&A - Sen. Sykes
04:03:53Q&A - Sen. Hicks-Hudson
04:07:17Q&A - Sen. Craig
04:09:35Q&A - Sen. Brenner
04:15:20Testimony - Matt Damschroder, Director, Ohio Department of Job & Family Services
04:33:14Q&A - Sen. Craig
04:37:49Q&A - Sen. Hicks-Hudson
04:44:35Q&A - Sen. Romanchuk
04:47:58Comments - Sen. Brenner
04:48:21Q&A - Sen. Dolan
04:54:44Testimony - Kimberly Burns, Office of the Ohio Secretary of State
05:04:06Q&A - Sen. Hicks-Hudson
05:08:09Q&A - Sen. Craig
05:09:43Q&A - Sen. Sykes
05:11:21Testimony - Giles Allen, Office of Governor DeWine
05:13:46Testimony - Vincent Keeran, Ohio Senate
05:16:18Q&A - Sen. Sykes
05:17:28Testimony - Kimbery Zianno, Ohio House of Representatives
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