00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:01Roll Call
00:00:27H. B. No. 33
00:01:52Testimony - Beth Hess, Groundwork Ohio
00:06:45Testimony - Tom Hosler, Fair School Funding Plan
00:13:07Testimony - Ryan Pendelton, Fair School Funding Plan
00:18:12Q&A - Sen. Blessing
00:29:29Q&A - Sen. Brenner
00:34:33Testimony - Greg Harp, Graduation Alliance
00:39:58Q&A - Sen. Sykes
00:41:27Q&A - Sen. Ingram
00:44:27Testimony - Jennifer Bindus, Proponent
00:49:45Q&A - Sen. Ingram
00:52:07Testimony - Tony Podojil, Alliance for High Quality Education
00:58:15Q&A - Sen. Brenner
01:00:00Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:03:19Testimony - Abbie Simon, Ohio Association for Gifted Children
01:13:38Testimony - Kelsey Hill, Brainwave
01:17:18Testimony - Max Lombard, Opeer
01:19:17Testimony - Lori McCleese, Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio, Inc.
01:23:51Q&A - Sen. Brenner
01:24:22Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:26:10Q&A - Sen. Sykes
01:26:47Testimony - Bethany Rachel, Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio, Inc.
01:31:20Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:32:52Testimony - Dr. Annnemarie Grassi Amefia, Argonaut
01:40:02Q&A - Sen. Brenner
01:40:10Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
01:40:50Testimony - Kelly Kamman, Interested Party
01:46:24Q&A - Sen. Huffman
01:49:38Testimony - Rachel Chilton, Ohio School Psychologists Association
01:55:51Testimony - Jennifer Glenn, Ohio School Psychologists Association
01:59:16Q&A - Sen. Brenner
02:03:15Testimony - Dr. Howard Fleeter, Ohio Education Policy Institute
02:10:35Q&A - Sen. Blessing
02:14:54Q&A - Sen. Brenner
02:16:01Testimony - Jennifer Hogue, OSBA, BASA, and OASBO
02:22:51Q&A - Sen. Brenner
02:24:09Q&A - Sen. Huffman
02:25:20Testimony - Brian Bagley, Licking Heights Schools
02:31:08Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:35:04Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
02:36:02Q&A - Sen. Brenner
02:37:02Testimony - Joshua Tripp, Chillicothe City Schools
02:40:47Q&A - Sen. Brenner
02:42:30Testimony - Nicole Whitaker, Ohio Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
02:50:55Q&A - Sen. Brenner
02:53:08Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:55:29Comment - Sen. Brenner
02:56:19Testimony - Dave Larson, Miami County ESC
03:02:38Q&A - Sen. Ingram
03:05:54Testimony - Geoff Andrews, The Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network
03:12:50Q&A - Sen. Ingram
03:14:30Q&A - Sen. Brenner
03:16:43Testimony - Fallon Pulley, Girl Scouts of North East Ohio
03:22:21Testimony - Emani Jackson, Girl Scouts of North East Ohio
03:26:42Q&A - Sen. Ingram
03:28:10Q&A - Sen. Sykes
03:28:43Testimony - Annalies Corbin, Past Foundation
03:36:04Q&A - Sen. Sykes
03:38:35Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
03:40:39Q&A - Sen. Ingram
03:42:33Testimony - Marcy Raymond, Past Foundation
03:49:52Q&A - Sen. Ingram
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