00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:05Roll Call
00:00:20Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting
00:00:35H. B. No. 33
00:00:55Testimony - Jeff Dillon, Americans for Prosperity
00:05:00Q&A - Sen. Blessing
00:13:00Q&A - Sen. Ingram
00:21:30Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
00:23:00Q&A - Sen. Brenner
00:24:55Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
00:27:10Q&A - Sen. Sykes
00:30:10Testimony - Eldrich Carr, Marburn Academy; Lawrence School; Springer School & Center
00:35:25Q&A - Sen. Brenner
00:35:45Q&A - Sen. Sykes
00:38:15Q&A - Sen. Ingram
00:39:25Testimony - Traci Woodard, Ohio Connections Academy
00:43:30Testimony - Marie Hanna, Ohio Connections Academy
00:51:20Q&A - Sen. Brenner
00:54:30Testimony - Tammie Osler, Esq., Charter School Specialists
01:00:00Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:00:45Q&A - Sen. Brenner
01:01:40Testimony - Larry Keough, Catholic Conference of Ohio
01:09:30Q&A - Sen. Brenner
01:10:40Q&A - Sen. Sykes
01:11:45Testimony - Frank W. O'Linn, Ed.D., Catholic Diocese of Cleveland
01:19:10Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:20:30Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
01:22:55Q&A - Sen. Blessing
01:26:10Testimony - David Taylor, Dayton Early College Academy
01:33:50Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
01:36:30Q&A - Sen. Sykes
01:38:35Testimony - Lujain Abudulwahed, Dayton Early College Academy
01:43:15Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
01:44:30Testimony - Shawn E. Lenney, Greater Ohio Virtual School
01:49:40Testimony - Robyn Houze, Citizen of Ohio
01:53:00Q&A - Sen. Brenner
01:53:25Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:54:55Testimony - Melissa Cropper, Ohio Federation of Teachers
01:59:25Q&A - Sen. Brenner
02:05:20Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
02:09:20Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:11:10Testimony - Troy McIntosh, Ohio Christian Education Network
02:18:10Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:26:05Q&A - Sen. Brenner
02:27:10Q&A - Sen. Sykes
02:30:10Testimony - Tera Myers, Citizen of Ohio
02:34:10Testimony - Andrew Boy, United Schools Network
02:41:00Q&A - Sen. Sykes
02:42:25Q&A - Sen. Brenner
02:43:40Testimony - Dan Dodd, Ohio Alliance of Independent Schools
02:49:00Testimony - Tamesha Cantrell, Citizen of Ohio
02:51:55Q&A - Sen. Brenner
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