00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:05Roll Call
00:01:09H. B. No. 123
00:02:28Comments - Rep. Fraizer
00:03:55H. B. No. 123 - Vote
00:04:50H. B. No. 157
00:11:29Q&A - Rep. Fraizer
00:12:25Q&A - Rep. Sobecki
00:14:50Q&A - Rep. Merrin
00:17:42Testimony - Tom Zaino, The Ohio Society of CPAS
00:21:32Q&A - Rep. Fraizer
00:23:29Q&A - Rep. Sobecki
00:27:45Testimony - David Elmer, Village of Evendale
00:30:52Q&A - Rep. Young
00:33:42Q&A - Rep. Roemer
00:34:27Q&A - Rep. Sobecki
00:35:13Q&A - Rep. Fraizer
00:36:03Q&A - Rep. Powell
00:37:43Q&A - Rep. Merrin
00:39:07Q&A - Rep. McClain
00:41:22At Ease
00:41:39Testimony - Ashley Ringle, Ohio Municipal League
00:45:54Q&A - Rep. Fraizer
00:49:44Testimony - Alison Goebel, Greater Ohio Policy Center
00:52:38Testimony - William Roth, City of Fairlawn
00:56:10Q&A - Rep. Merrin
00:58:39Q&A - Rep. Fraizer
01:02:47Q&A - Rep. Crossman
01:04:50Q&A - Rep. Roemer
01:07:10Q&A - Rep. Sobecki
01:11:58Amendment - Rep. Sobecki
01:13:35Amendment - Vote
01:14:28Amendment - Rep. Sobecki
01:15:23Amendment - Vote
01:16:20H. B. No. 207
01:16:30Testimony - Rep. Daniel Troy
01:20:23Q&A - Rep. Crossman
01:22:38H. B. No. 228
01:22:58Testimony - Greg Saul, The Ohio Society of CPAS
01:28:32H. B. No. 223
01:29:17Testimony - Jim Taylor, Alliance Data
01:36:17Q&A - Rep. Liston
01:41:48Q&A - Rep. Sobecki
01:45:14Testimony - Tony Ehler, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
01:57:12H. B. No. 255
01:57:19Testimony - Rep. Scott Lipps
02:01:10H. B. No. 223
02:01:12Testimony - Tony Ehler, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
02:04:17Testimony - Tony Long, Ohio Chamber of Commerce
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