00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:06Roll Call
00:01:15S. B. No. 187
00:01:49S. B. No. 187 - Vote
00:02:43H. C. R. No. 6
00:02:57Testimony - Rep. Stephanie Howse
00:11:08Testimony - Rep. Erica Crawley
00:16:51Q&A - Rep. Galonski
00:20:08Q&A - Rep. Sobecki
00:22:47Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:24:43Q&A - Rep. Russo
00:30:18Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:32:43Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
00:44:21Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:48:39Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
00:56:07Q&A - Rep. Ginter
01:09:26H. B. No. 322
01:11:09Testimony - Marquis VanDeMark
01:17:20Q&A - Rep. Kelly
01:20:58Testimony - John Michael LaRue, Proponent
01:26:10Q&A - Rep. Kelly
01:28:07Q&A - Rep. Galonski
01:29:49Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
01:30:35Q&A - Rep. Ginter
01:32:58Q&A - Rep. Sobecki
01:38:02Q&A - Rep. John
01:39:41Q&A - Rep. Galonski
01:46:00Q&A - Rep. Kelly
01:50:32H. B. No. 327
01:50:44Testimony - Anne Douglass, Rocky River Citizens For Transparency
01:56:10Q&A - Rep. Kelly
01:59:56Testimony - Karen Cain, Proponent
02:03:49Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
02:05:04Testimony - Anne Douglass, Rocky River Citizens For Transparency
02:06:29Testimony - Jacob Cain, Proponent
02:09:47Q&A - Rep. John
02:10:46Q&A - Rep. Kelly
02:12:43Testimony - Rachel Citak, Proponent
02:18:09Q&A - Rep. Kelly
02:24:58Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
02:29:36Q&A - Rep. Galonski
02:32:17Q&A - Rep. Ginter
02:35:12Q&A - Rep. John
02:39:07Q&A Rep. Wiggam
02:40:58Testimony- Jenny Kilgore PhD, MU Educational Leadership
02:44:05Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
02:49:09Q&A - Rep. John
02:52:56Q&A - Rep. Kelly
02:59:48Testimony- Kathy Johnson, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations
03:05:17Q&A - Rep. Kelly
03:07:46Testimony- Jonathan Broadbent, Proponent
03:13:29Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
03:15:08Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
03:16:22Q&A - Rep. Kelly
03:18:08Q&A - Rep. John
03:19:43Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
03:20:28Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
03:24:54Q&A - Rep. Kelly
03:32:23Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
03:36:31Testimony - Lisa Woods, Proponent
03:42:15Q&A - Rep. Galonski
03:42:59Q&A - Rep. Kelly
03:47:50Testimony - Anne Robins, Rocky River Citizens for Transparency
03:51:21Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
03:55:58Testimony - Colleen Schitter, Proponent
04:02:30Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
04:06:41Testimony - Juliet Tissot, Proponent
04:12:09Q&A - Rep. John
04:12:46Testimony - Deb Giehl, Proponent
04:18:11Testimony - Kirsten Hill, Proponent
04:24:12Q&A - Rep. Kelly
04:30:24Q&A - Rep. Skindell
04:31:27Testimony - Michael Goldstein Esq, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations
04:37:59Q&A - Rep. Ginter
04:40:11Q&A - Rep. John
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