00:00:01Convene Session/InvocationPastor Keith Smith
00:05:38Point of Personal PrivilegeTom YoungAndrea WhiteBernard Willis
00:10:32Point of Personal PrivilegeMichael J. Skindell
00:12:36Point of Personal PrivilegeMary Lightbody
00:15:22Point of Personal PrivilegeElgin Rodgers Jr
00:16:23Point of Personal PrivilegeAllison Russo
00:20:17Point of Personal PrivilegeLatyna M. Humphrey
00:22:42Point of Personal PrivilegeAdam Miller
00:24:43Journal of Previous Day
00:25:20Introduction of Bills
00:25:54Introduction of Bills
00:26:33ReportsScott Oelslager
00:26:57MotionJames Hoops
00:27:42MotionScott Oelslager
00:28:13ResolutionBrian LorenzBill RoemerMichael J. Skindell
00:38:46Third Consideration - HB 165View Legislation TextBeth LearRon Ferguson
00:45:17At Ease
00:45:50Third Consideration - HB 26View Legislation TextScott Wiggam
00:48:03Third Consideration - HB 253View Legislation TextAdam HolmesTerrence Upchurch
00:56:05Third Consideration - HB 202View Legislation TextJim Thomas
00:58:13Third Consideration - HB 190View Legislation TextAndrea WhiteJuanita Brent
01:03:44Third Consideration - HCR 7View Legislation TextRodney CreechSean Brennan
01:09:00Third Consideration - HB 195View Legislation TextSteve DemetriouSean Brennan
01:14:52Third Consideration - HB 78View Legislation TextBill SeitzAdam Miller
01:19:10Third Consideration - HCR 6View Legislation TextAngela KingPhil PlummerMary LightbodyElliot Forhan
01:27:03Third Consideration - HB 173View Legislation TextDaniel P. TroySara CarruthersJean Schmidt
01:31:41Third Consideration - HB 203View Legislation TextBill RoemerBride Rose Sweeney
01:38:33Third Consideration - HB 29View Legislation TextLatyna M. HumphreyDarnell BrewerPhil Plummer
01:48:29Third Consideration - HB 272View Legislation TextAdam MathewsLatyna M. HumphreyJustin PizzulliScott Wiggam
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