00:00:58Roll Call
00:02:29H. B. No. 167
00:03:05H. B. No. 167 - Vote
00:04:21H. B. No. 176
00:04:44Testimony - Lee Daher, Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters
00:06:35Q&A - Rep. Miller
00:08:28H. B. No. 176 - Vote
00:09:28S. B. No. 53
00:11:09H. B. No. 205
00:12:13Amendment - Rep. Plummer
00:13:37Amendment - Rep. Mohamed
00:14:44Amendment - Rep. Plummer
00:15:56Testimony - Alexandrea Denney, Ohio Business Roundtable
00:19:47Q&A - Rep. Brent
00:23:22Q&A - Rep. Creech
00:24:59Q&A - Rep. Miller
00:27:35Testimony - Matt Austin, Ohio Manufacturers Association
00:37:44Q&A - Rep. Brent
00:40:18Testimony - Jeff Dillon, Americans For Prosperity
00:45:42Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
00:47:28Q&A - Rep. Brent
00:51:25Testimony - Rick Carfagna, Ohio Chamber of Commerce
00:58:40Q&A - Rep. Brent
01:03:06Q&A - Rep. Abrams
01:06:28Q&A - Rep. Creech
01:09:36Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
01:13:50Testimony - Rob Brundrett, Ohio Oil and Gas Association
01:19:37Q&A - Rep. Brent
01:23:06Q&A - Rep. Mohamed
01:24:01Q&A - Rep. Thomas
01:28:43Testimony - David Blatnik, Marathon Petroleum Company
01:44:31Q&A - Rep. Abrams
01:47:25Q&A - Rep. Miller
01:50:08Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
01:51:53Q&A - Rep. Miller
01:56:12Q&A - Rep. Brent
01:58:17Testimony - Claudio Ingaramo, Cenovus Energy
02:09:14Testimony - Doug Powell, Cenovus Energy, Toledo Refinery
02:19:47Testimony - Steve Schwartz, Cenovys Energy, Lima Refinery
02:31:09Q&A - Rep. Miller
02:39:08Q&A - Rep. Demetriou
02:43:30Testimony - Joseph Deflora, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers
02:48:17Testimony - Chris Ziegler, American Petroleum Institute-Ohio (API Ohio)
02:56:16Testimony - Chris Ferruso, NFIB
03:00:45Q&A - Rep. Miller
03:06:15Vote - H. B. No. 205
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