00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:01:48H. B. No. 242
00:02:00Amendment - Rep. J. Miller
00:03:12Testimony - Colonel Christopher Roback, U.S. Army Reserve
00:07:10H. B. No. 183
00:07:15Testimony - Beryl Brown Piccolantonio, Gahanna-Jefferson School Board
00:11:02Q&A - Rep. Williams
00:12:19Q&A - Rep. Manning
00:13:40Q&A - Rep. Williams
00:14:32Testimony - Dion Manley, Opponent
00:19:25Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
00:20:35H. B. No. 242
00:20:40Testimony - Ralph Veppert, Proponent
00:25:51Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
00:27:15H. B. No. 183
00:27:23Testimony - Bradie Anderson, Opponent
00:29:15Testimony - Anne Anderson, Opponent
00:33:15Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:34:25Testimony - Cam Ogden, Opponent
00:39:07Q&A - Rep. Williams
00:43:04Testimony - Mallory Golski, Kaleidoscope Youth Center
00:48:15Testimony - Dara Atkinson, TransOhio
00:53:48Q&A - Rep. Williams
00:59:13Testimony - Robert Chaloupka, Law Office of Robert S. Chaloupka
01:04:49Testimony - Kara Butlien-Cohen, Opponent
01:09:57Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
01:11:30Testimony - Lis Regula, Opponent
01:17:25Q&A - Rep. Williams
01:21:28Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
01:23:14Testimony - Jolene Ephtaim Serenity Strieter, TransHumanity
01:28:46Testimony - Leeann Swager, Opponent
01:34:15Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
01:36:58Testimony - Cole-Finley Nelson, Opponent
01:42:46Testimony - Jodie Davis, Opponent
01:47:05Testimony - Minna Zelch, Opponent
01:53:25Testimony - Rachel Ernst Stahlhut, Opponent
01:58:29Testimony - Leeran Dublin-Ryan, Opponent
02:01:55Testimony - Delia Sosa, Opponent
02:05:55Testimony - Scarlett Michelle Nicholson, Opponent
02:11:06Testimony - Amanda Fisher, Opponent
02:18:10Testimony - Rev. Alice Connor, Dioceses of the Episcopal Church in Ohio
02:23:49Testimony - Rachel Ryan, Opponent
02:27:30Testimony - Danielle Schultz, Opponent
02:30:33Testimony - Dr. Nicholas Shannon Savard, Opponent
02:35:41Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
02:36:33Testimony - Ben Ferree, Opponent
02:39:05Testimony - Jeanne Ogden, Trans Allies of Ohio
02:46:30Testimony - Maria Bruno, Equality Ohio
02:50:35Q&A - Rep. Abdullahi
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