00:00:05Roll Call
00:00:55S.B. No. 91
00:01:15Testimony: Rep. Tim Schaffer
00:07:25Motion: Rep. Jon Cross
00:07:45Q&A: Rep. Latyna Humphrey
00:08:55H.J.R. No. 3
00:09:05Testimony: Rep. Riordan T. McClain
00:20:40Testimony: Rep. Bernard Willis
00:26:20Q&A: Rep. Latyna Humphrey
00:31:20Q&A: Rep. Cecil Thomas
00:36:45Q&A: Rep. Dontavius Jarrells
00:44:50H.B. No. 257
00:45:05Motion: Rep. James M. Hoops
00:47:05Motion: Rep. Jim Thomas
00:49:25H.B. No. 272
00:49:45Testimony: Ann Morhan, Opponent
00:52:05Testimony: Michelle Heym, Opponent
00:58:35Q&A: Rep. Dontavius Jarrells
01:01:35At Ease
01:01:55Motion: Rep. Justin Puzzelli
01:02:55H.B. No.51
01:03:30Testimony: Chris Dorr, Ohio Gun Owners
01:12:50Testimony: Rob Knisley, Ohio Gun Owners
01:14:50Q&A: Rep. Cecil Thomas
01:20:05Q&A: Rep. Dontavius Jarrells
01:30:05Q&A: Rep. Cecil Thomas
01:32:40Q&A: Rep. Latyna Humphrey
01:34:50Testimony: Elizabeth Knighton, Opponent
01:40:20Q&A: Rep. D. J. Swearingen
01:41:00Testimony: Rob Pierson, Opponent
01:46:30Testimony: Douglas Rogers, Opponent
01:54:20Q&A: Rep. Cecil Thomas
01:56:05Testimony: Michelle Heym, Opponent
02:05:30Testimony: Louis Tobin, Ohio Prosecuting Attorney's Association
02:12:25Q&A: Rep. Cecil Thomas
02:12:50Q&A: Rep. Richard D. Brown
02:14:05Q&A: Rep. Bill Seitz
02:18:10Q&A: Rep. Cecil Thomas
02:19:25Q&A: Rep. James M. Hoops
02:21:20Testimony: Ann Morhan, Opponent
02:23:10Testimony: Heinz Von Eckartberg, Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police
02:26:55Q&A: Rep. James M. Hoops
02:28:05Q&A: Rep. Richard D. Brown
02:29:00Q&A: Rep. Cecil Thomas
02:30:50Q&A: Rep. Bill Seitz
02:33:40Q&A: Rep. D. J. Swearingen
02:35:40Motion: Rep. Jim Thomas
02:36:20H.B. No. 311
02:36:30Testimony: Rep. Justin Puzzelli
02:38:30Testimony: Rep. Jay Edwards
02:40:35Q&A: Rep. Bob Peterson
02:41:00Q&A: Rep. Bill Seitz
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