00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:09Roll Call
00:00:37H. B. No. 166
00:01:54Testimony - Jed Morison, Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities
00:06:50Q&A - Rep. West
00:09:34Q&A - Rep. Lipps
00:11:16Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
00:12:04Q&A - Rep. Lipps
00:13:12Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
00:15:27Testimony - Dr. Mark Redding, The Certified Pathways Community Hub Panel
00:22:07Testimony - Jan Ruma, The Certified Pathways Community Hub Panel
00:28:06Testimony - Michelle Edison, The Certified Pathways Community Hub Panel
00:33:59Q&A - Rep. West
00:36:00Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:39:19Q&A - Rep. West
00:43:40Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
00:45:13Q&A - Rep. West
00:47:59Testimony - Than Johnson, Board of Directors of the Ohio Provider Resource Association
00:54:40Q&A - Rep. West
00:56:44Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:58:44Q&A - Rep. Lipps
01:00:34Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
01:01:35Q&A - Rep. West
01:04:12Q&A - Rep. Lipps
01:05:56Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
01:08:49Q&A - Rep. West
01:20:00Q&A - Rep. West
01:21:37Testimony - Keith Hochadel, Ceo, Commquest Services
01:27:31Q&A - Rep. West
01:31:02Q&A - Rep. Lipps
01:33:58Q&A - Rep. West
01:38:50Testimony - Mark Schlater, Bridge2Equality
01:42:25Testimony - Ben Young, Bridge2Equality
01:45:27Q&A - Rep. Lipps
01:48:58Testimony - Tara Britton, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy Center for Community Solutions
01:58:05Q&A - Rep. West
02:01:23Q&A - Rep. Kelly
02:03:27Testimony - Loren Anthese, Public Policy Fellow, Center for Medicaid Policy at the Center for Community Solutions
02:10:14Q&A - Rep. West
02:13:36Testimony - Stephanie Barber Maynard, Interested Party
02:19:22Q&A - Rep. West
02:23:17Q&A - Rep. Lipps
02:26:29Testimony - Caroline Lahrmann, Interested Party
02:31:55Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
02:33:14Q&A - Rep. West
02:37:38Testimony - Pete Billington, Interested Party
02:41:48Testimony - Barb Fox, Interested Party
02:50:07Q&A - Rep. West
02:52:29Testimony - Bob Colombo, Interested Party
02:58:14Q&A - Rep. Lipps
02:59:16Testimony - Lisa Freson, Interested Party
03:04:11Q&A - Rep. West
03:06:40Q&A - Rep. Lipps
03:07:31Testimony - Dan Jones, Interested Party
03:13:39Q&A - Rep. Lipps
03:14:35Testimony - Betty Stark, Interested Party
03:19:11Q&A - Rep. West
03:20:40Testimony - Rebecca Toman, Interested Party
03:25:15Testimony - Karen Axmacher, Interested Party
03:31:41Testimony - Linda Miller, Interested Party
03:40:56Q&A - Rep. Kelly
03:42:46Testimony - Margaret Gfoeller, Interested Party
03:51:45Tesimony - Lorie Burger, Interested Party
04:00:36Testimony - Rich Klein, Interested Party
04:08:04Testimony - Pete Van Runkle, Ohio Health Care Association
04:30:39Q&A - Rep. West
04:34:04Q&A - Rep. Lipps
04:37:49Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
04:40:48Testimony - Ellen Scarret-Dudgeon, Courtesy Ambulance
04:47:39Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
04:48:37Testimony - Tom Allenstein, Medflight
04:51:05Q&A - Rep. West
04:52:41Q&A - Rep. Roemer
04:53:35Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
04:54:09Testimony - Richard Patterson, CEO, Nick Amster, Inc
04:57:02Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
04:58:44Testimony - Kathryn Brod, President & CEO, Leadingage Ohio
05:07:46Q&A - Rep. West
05:09:03Q&A - Rep. Roemer
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