00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:01Roll Call
00:00:25H. B. No. 11
00:00:34Testimony - Kim Henderson, Ohio Dept. of Job & Family Services
00:39:27Q&A - Rep. Russo
00:46:06Q&A - Rep. West
01:05:49Q&A - Rep. Lipps
01:13:00Q&A - Rep. Roemer
01:31:13Q&A - Rep. Edwards
01:45:50Q&A - Rep. Russo
01:54:13Q&A - Rep. West
02:01:31Panel on Childrens Services
02:04:08Testimony - Angela Sausser, Public Children Services Association of Ohio
02:11:00Testimony - Danny Brenneman, Coshocton Co. Job & Family Services
02:16:24Testimony - Tim Bubb, County Commissioners Association of Ohio
02:22:39Testimony - Chip Spinning, Franklin Co. Children Services
02:27:26Testimony - Sarah Hayden, Warren Co. Children Services
02:34:23Q&A - Rep. West
02:44:49Q&A - Rep. Roemer
02:49:25Q&A - Rep. Russo
02:55:50Q&A - Rep. West
03:00:22Q&A - Rep. Lipps
03:08:05Testimony - Mark Mecum, Ohio Children's Alliance
03:14:35Q&A - Rep. West
03:15:19Q&A - Rep. Lipps
03:18:20Q&A - Rep. West
03:21:47Comments - Rep. Roemer
03:22:50Testimony - Joel Potts, Ohio JFS Directors' Association
03:26:00Q&A - Rep. West
03:30:19Q&A - Rep. Roemer
03:31:47Testimony - Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, Ohio Association of Food Banks
03:38:13Q&A - Rep. Russo
03:42:09Q&A - Rep. West
03:47:28Q&A - Rep. Roemer
03:51:12Testimony - Jerry Freewalt, Catholic Diocese of Columbus, Office for Social Concerns
03:57:24Q&A - Rep. Lipps
03:59:02Q&A - Rep. West
04:00:30Testimony - Mark Butler
04:05:30Q&A - Rep. West
04:07:51Q&A - Rep. Lipps
04:10:26Comments - Rep. Roemer
04:12:59Comments - Rep. West
04:14:21Comments - Rep. Russo
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