00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:04Roll Call
00:00:26Testimony - Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, Director, Department of Health
00:41:46Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
00:57:34Q&A - Rep. Liston
01:15:30Q&A - Rep. Hoops
01:25:50Q&A - Rep. McNally
01:39:12Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
01:45:37Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
01:47:02Q&A - Rep. Liston
01:54:32At Ease
01:54:40Testimony - Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, The Ohio Association of Foodbanks
02:10:14Testimony - Hope Lane-Gavin, The Ohio Association of Foodbanks
02:17:48Testimony - Zach Reat, The Ohio Association of Foodbanks
02:22:46Q&A - Rep. Hoops
02:27:08Q&A - Rep. Liston
02:34:10Q&A - Rep. McNally
02:37:18At Ease
02:37:44At Ease
02:37:56Testimony - Jennifer Kucera, Charitable Healthcare Network
02:45:20Testimony - Maria Matzik, Breaking Silences Advocacy Committee
02:53:53Testimony - Georgie Elson, Ohio Nursing Crisis Committee
03:01:41Q&A - Rep. Hoops
03:04:30Q&A - Rep. Liston
03:08:58Comments - Rep. Carruthers
03:11:10At Ease
03:11:24Testimony - Jennifer Corcoran, Changing Spaces Ohio
03:17:05Q&A - Rep. Hoops
03:20:20Comments - Rep. Carruthers
03:21:55Testimony - Pamela Lindeman, Child Focus, Inc.
03:30:27Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
03:35:21Testimony - Sharon
03:38:21Testimony - Matt Hamlin, Quest Diagnostics
03:42:22Q&A - Rep. Hoops
03:43:24Testimony - Jason Koma, Charitable Healthcare Network
03:48:49Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
03:50:33Q&A - Rep. Hoops
03:51:36Q&A - Rep. McNally
03:54:07Testimony - Kerstin Sjoberg, Disability Rights Ohio
04:02:29Testimony - Kim Eckhart, Children's Defense Fund - Ohio
04:08:05Testimony - Kelly Vyzral, Children's Defense Fund - Ohio
04:19:43Testimony - Leah Meritt, YWCA of Mahoning Valley
04:29:14Q&A - Rep. McNally
04:30:15Testimony - Kristen Henry, Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc.
04:35:41Q&A - Rep. Hoops
04:39:20Testimony - Danielle Gray, Ohio Recovery Housing
04:46:14Testimony - Leo Almeida, American Cancer Society Action Network
04:52:25Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
04:53:55Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
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