00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:01:12Sub. H. B. No. 166
00:01:30Testimony - Julie Ehemann, County Commissioners Association of Ohio
00:04:00Q&A - Rep. Wilkin
00:06:25Testimony - Susan Marshall, Ohio Coalition for Adult Protective Services
00:14:03Q&A - Rep. Miller
00:16:51Testimony - Grady Burrows, BioEnterprise Corporations
00:21:20Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
00:23:05Q&A - Rep. Greenspan
00:26:18Q&A - Rep. Rogers
00:28:00Testimony - Annalies Corbin, Past Foundation
00:35:43Q&A - Rep. Miller
00:39:28Testimony - Eric Gordon, Ohio 8 Coalition
00:49:11Q&A - Rep. Patterson
00:53:00Q&A - Rep. Howse
00:57:10Q&A - Rep. Skindell
01:01:51Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
01:03:56Q&A - Rep. Crawley
01:05:40Q&A - Rep. Rogers
01:06:40Q&A - Rep. Cupp
01:09:09Testimony - Amy Baskes
01:11:26Testimony - Matthew Haverkos, Emergency Management Association of Ohio
01:16:54Testimony - Tevis Foreman, Produce Perks
01:24:25Q&A - Rep. Hoops
01:25:29Testimony - Jessica Karns, A-Z Solutions
01:28:55Testimony - Jeff Stephens, American Cancer Society
01:34:38Q&A - Rep. Skindell
01:36:34Q&A - Rep. Richardson
01:37:55Testimony - Wendy Patton, Policy Matters Ohio
01:44:17Testimony - Tony McDonald, A-Z Radon Services
01:47:40Q&A - Rep. Rogers
01:49:38Testimony - Chad Aldis, Fordham Institute
01:56:05Q&A - Rep. Crawley
01:58:39Q&A - Rep. Rogers
02:01:39Testimony - Dennis Franks, Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center
02:07:41Q&A - Rep. Cupp
02:10:54Testimony - Mike Flannery, CorJus
02:15:07Q&A - Rep. Scherer
02:15:35Q&A - Rep. O'Brien
02:17:56Q&A - Rep. Plummer
02:18:52Q&A - Rep. Hoops
02:20:19Q&A - Rep. Amy Gordon
02:27:20Q&A - Rep. Cupp
02:28:08Testimony - Caroline Lahrmann, Disability Advocacy Alliance
02:32:50Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
02:38:02Testimony - James Jarvis, Ohio Vapor Trade Association
02:43:02Testimony - Greg Saul, Ohio Society of CPAs
02:49:28Q&A - Rep. West
02:51:43Testimony - Chris Ferruso, NFIB
02:55:55Q&A - Rep. Cupp
02:57:04Testimony - Dan Langshaw, City of North Royalton
02:59:21Testimony - Paul Marnecheck, City of North Royalton
03:01:34Q&A - Rep. Howse
03:05:19Q&A - Rep. Richardson
03:07:11Testimony - Joel Potts, ODJFS Directors' Association
03:13:44Q&A - Rep. Hicks-Hudson
03:17:33Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
03:20:11Q&A - Rep. Hoops
03:24:28Q&A - Rep. Howse
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