00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:01Roll Call
00:01:20H. B. No. 244
00:01:37H. B. No. 354
00:01:52Testimony - Tim Johnson, Cannabis Safety First
00:09:24Q&A - Rep. Callender
00:12:07Testimony - Cat Packer, Drug Policy Alliance
00:21:20Testimony - Colleen Cotter, Alliance of Ohio Legal Aids and Ohio State Legal Services Association/Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
00:25:40Testimony - Kathleen McGarvey, Alliance of Ohio Legal Aids and Ohio State Legal Services Association/Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
00:27:58Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
00:30:27Q&A - Rep. C. Thomas
00:34:25Q&A - Rep. Jones
00:37:25Testimony - Jodi Salvo, Empower Tusc Community Coalition
00:42:55Testimony - Thomas Stuber, Ohio Alliance of Recovery Providers
00:47:28Q&A - Rep. Manning
00:49:42Testimony - Amy Ellwood, Modern Remedies
00:55:15Testimony - Geoff Korff, Galenas and other Level 2 Cultivators
01:06:58Q&A - Rep. J. Miller
01:11:56Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
01:16:38Q&A - Rep. Jones
01:21:33Q&A - Rep. White
01:25:15Testimony - Tom Hobson, Well Spring Fields
01:33:06Q&A - Rep. White
01:34:33Testimony - Karen Jaynes, Interested Party
01:40:00Comment - Rep. Sweeney
01:40:30Q&A - Rep. White
01:42:07Testimony - Ronnie Smith, Interested Party
01:43:36Testimony - Don Wirtshafter, Cannabis Museum, Athens Ohio
01:54:38Q&A - Rep. White
01:57:34Q&A - Rep. Richardson
02:00:00Testimony - Joshua David Crosser, Soiled Obsessions Agricultural Consultations
02:07:04Q&A - Rep. Jones
02:08:48Q&A - Rep. White
02:11:56Q&A - Rep. C. Thomas
02:14:12Q&A - Rep. White
02:15:46Q&A - Rep. Richardson
02:16:27Testimony - Saraquoia Bryant, Cool Digs Inc, Rock and Garden Supply
02:23:48Q&A - Rep. C. Thomas
02:26:07Q&A - Rep. Hoops
02:30:30Testimony - Keith Olson, Interested Party
02:39:53Testimony - Mary Jane Borden, Interested Party
03:02:39Testimony - Alex Sandorf, Interested Party
03:08:32Testimony - Maggie Lutterus, Prevention Action Alliance
03:14:09Testimony - Matthew Osler, Canna Pure Relief
03:17:39Testimony - John Lutz, info@ohiocannabis.com
03:23:36Q&A - Rep. Richardson
03:27:05Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
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