00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:05Roll Call
00:01:59H. B. No. 567
00:02:12H. B. No. 520
00:02:24Testimony - Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney
00:06:36H. B. No. 305
00:07:08Testimony - Jenni Logan, Lakota Local School District
00:17:52Q&A - Rep. Richardson
00:18:44Q&A - Rep. Howse
00:23:32Testimony - Scot Prebles, Forest Hills School District
00:30:51Q&A - Rep. Callender
00:36:37Q&A - Rep. Patterson
00:39:25Q&A - Rep. Howse
00:41:40Testimony - Steve McAfee, Logan Elm Local Schools
00:49:27Q&A - Rep. Howse
00:52:17Q&A - Rep. Callender
00:54:25Q&A - Rep. Edwards
00:59:23Q&A - Rep. Patterson
01:01:23Testimony - Carrie Herringshaw, Penta Career Center
01:11:00Testimony - Jerry Brockway, Ashtabula County Career and Technical Center
01:18:16Testimony - Michael Trefs, Wooster City School District
01:23:02Q&A - Rep. Patterson
01:26:05Testimony - Dalton Summers, Geneva Area School District
01:37:21Testimony - Kevin Lillie, Geneva Area School District
01:52:24Q&A - Rep. Miller
02:02:55Q&A - Rep. West
02:09:32Testimony - Tom Hosler, Perrysburg City Schools
02:24:40Q&A - Rep. Howse
02:36:52Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
02:42:32Q&A - Rep. Edwards
02:50:32Testimony - Jeff Greenley, Belpre City School District
02:58:51Q&A - Rep. Hicks-Hudson
03:00:20Q&A - Rep. Patterson
03:04:31Q&A - Rep. Scherer
03:06:18Testimony - AJ Calderone, Labrae Local Schools
03:19:15Q&A - Rep. Patterson
03:25:28Q&A - Rep. Howse
03:27:23Q&A - Rep. Scherer
03:31:57Testimony - Nicole Marshall, Westerville City School District
03:36:57Testimony - John Kellog, Westerville City School District
03:42:41Q&A - Rep. Carfagna
03:44:45Q&A - Rep. Patterson
03:48:11Q&A - Rep. Carfagna
03:50:13Testimony - Maria Rellinger, Apollo Career Center
03:56:45Q&A - Rep. Scherer
03:58:34Testimony - Marlon Styles, Middletown City School District
04:09:01Q&A - Rep. Howse
04:14:30Q&A - Rep. Edwards
04:18:00Q&A - Rep. Patterson
04:22:24Q&A - Rep. Scherer
04:25:35Q&A - Rep. Edwards
04:28:18Testimony - Matt Sheridan, Northern Local School District
04:34:54Q&A - Rep. Patterson
04:41:33Q&A - Rep. Scherer
04:42:40Testimony - Katie Johnson, Ohio Assoc. of School Business Officials & Buckeye Assoc. of School Administrators
04:48:10Q&A - Rep. Patterson
04:51:57Testimony - Elizabeth Kirby, Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District
04:55:32Q&A - Rep. Patterson
05:02:04Testimony - Mark Hughes, Washington Local School Board
05:08:15Q&A - Rep. Patterson
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