00:00:00 Convene
00:02:45 H. B. 408
00:03:11 Testimony: Claudia Herrold, Vice President, Philanthropy Ohio
00:10:03 Testimony: Cara Dingus Brook, President and CEO, Foundation for Appalachian Ohio
00:16:31 Testimony: Tom Johnson, Executive Director, Community Foundation for Perry County
00:19:42 Testimony: Jan Ruma, Vice President, Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio Lucas County Initiative to Improve Birth Outcomes
00:23:51 Testimony: Keith Burwell, President and CEO, Toledo Community Foundation
00:29:52 Q&A
00:30:16 Rep. Michael Foley
00:37:24 Rep. Jack Cera
00:40:52 Rep. Mike Ashford
00:45:40 Rep. Dan Ramos
00:53:02 Rep. Hayes
00:57:00 Rep. Smith
01:00:56 Rep. Phillips
01:07:00 Rep. Driehaus
01:10:45 Rep. Sears
01:20:33 Rep. Matt Lundy
01:25:43 Rep. Ron Amstutz
01:30:10 H. B. 85
01:30:50 Testimony: Clarence Mingo, Franklin County Auditor
01:32:36 Q&A
01:33:50 Rep. Matt Lundy
01:35:27 H. B. 336
01:36:21 Testimony: Chuck Diehl, Smith's Dairy
01:40:11 Q&A
01:40:19 Rep. McClain
01:41:30 Rep. Ron Amstutz
01:42:17 Rep. Matt Lundy
01:46:06 Testimony: Brad Couch, Ariel Corporation
01:54:10 Testimony: Kevin Krober, Senior Vice President and the Head of Utica Development for American Natural
01:57:02 Q&A: Rep. Jack Cera
01:58:05 Testimony: Sam Spofforth, Executive Director for Clean Fuels Ohio
02:04:04 Q&A: Rep. Matt Lundy
02:05:15 Testimony: Jack Shaner, Ohio Environmental Council
02:11:13 Q&A: Rep. Michael Foley
02:14:02 Testimony: Alan Rosenfield, Energy Specialist
02:18:00 Adjourned
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