00:00:00Reconvene Session
00:00:55H. B. No. 6
00:00:57Testimony - Luke Sulfridge, United Solar Neighbors
00:04:51Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:05:46Testimony - Chris Allwein, Ohio Partners of Affordable Energy
00:13:27Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:15:54Testimony - Micah Derry, Americans for Prosperity
00:22:03Testimony - Michelle Lemaitre, Gavin Power LLC
00:27:29Testimony - Bob Scott, Gavin Power LLC
00:31:51Q&A - Rep. O'Brien
00:33:03Comments - Rep. Cross
00:34:15Testimony - Jude Meyers, Gallia Local Schools
00:43:18Q&A - Rep. O'Brien
00:46:44Q&A - Rep. Boggs
00:50:06Comments - Rep. Stein
00:53:00Testimony - Alan Smith, R Street
00:56:55Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:59:38Testimony - Neil Waggoner, Sierra Club-Ohio Chapter
01:05:09Q&A - Rep. Stein
01:05:54Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
01:07:53Q&A - Rep. Stein
01:13:46Q&A - Rep. Baldridge
01:14:33Testimony - Tom Bullock, City of Lakewood
01:24:14Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
01:28:35Testimony - Dan Samiller, Natural Resource Defense Council
01:38:16Q&A - Rep. O'Brien
01:42:07Q&A - Rep. Stein
01:45:50Testimony - Susan Munroe, Chamber for Innovation and Clean Energy
01:52:32Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
01:53:58Q&A - Rep. Baldridge
01:54:31Q&A - Rep. Stein
01:59:38Testimony - Micheal Beazly, City of Oregon
02:03:49Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
02:04:17Q&A - Rep. O'Brien
02:06:42Testimony - Mark Johnson, Tri-State Building Trades
02:18:09Testimony - Lee Blackburn, Opponent
02:22:52Testimony - Edward Hill, Opponent
02:41:32Q&A - O'Brien
02:46:08Testimony - Ned Ford, Opponent
02:55:22Testimony - Paul Dvorak, Opponent
02:57:54Testimony - Patrick O'Conner, Opponent
03:01:32Testimony - Tom Schock, Opponent
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