00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:06Roll Call
00:00:45S. B. No. 102
00:00:57Testimony - Sen. Kristina Roegner
00:08:24Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:10:35Q&A - Rep. Lepore-Hagan
00:14:03Q&A - Rep. Brent
00:16:35Q&A - Rep. Hoops
00:17:00Q&A - Rep. Cutrona
00:19:00Sub. S. B. No. 113
00:19:17Testimony - Sen. Terry Johnson
00:23:50Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:31:02Q&A - Rep. Brent
00:34:03At Ease
00:34:27Amendment - Rep. Johnson
00:36:24Amendment - Rep. Johnson
00:38:34Amendment - Rep. Johnson
00:39:52Amendment - Rep. Johnson
00:42:15Amendment - Rep. Johnson
00:43:09Q&A - Rep. M. Smith
00:44:51Testimony - David Monder, on behalf of Sherry Williams, Prevent Blindness Ohio
00:51:33Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:53:41Q&A - Rep. Roemer
00:55:02Q&A - Rep. Lepore-Hagan
00:56:19Q&A - Rep. Brent
00:58:30Testimony - Jon Wills, Ohio Osteopathic Association
01:03:15Testimony - Dave Belcher, opponent
01:07:47Q&A - Rep. Stein
01:09:05Q&A - Rep. Hoops
01:11:22Q&A - Rep. Brent
01:12:53Q&A - Rep. Stein
01:13:48Testimony - Anthony Anselmo, opponent
01:20:49Q&A - Rep. Hoops
01:22:44Testimony - Scott Hurlburt, Leawood Gardens Neighborhood Association
01:36:26Testimony - Quay Barnes, Mideast Area Commission
01:41:45Q&A - Rep. Lepore-Hagan
01:43:12Q&A - Rep. Fraizer
01:47:17Q&A - Rep. Brent
01:49:38Testimony - Danial Peart, Phantom Fireworks
01:53:02Q&A - Rep. M. Smith
01:54:15Q&A - Rep. Brent
01:55:27Testimony - Jonathan Westendorf, Ohio Fire Chiefs Association
01:58:27At Ease
01:58:52Am. Sub. S. B. No. 113 - Vote
02:00:50H. B. No. 146
02:01:08Testimony - John Morris, Miami Township, Montgomery County Township Association
02:11:38Testimony - Kevin Shimp, Ohio Chamber of Commerce
02:14:32Q&A - Rep. Lepore-Hagan
02:17:41Q&A - Rep. Stein
02:18:44Q&A - Rep. M. Smith
02:24:19Testimony - Jeff Dillon, Americans for Prosperity
02:26:57Testimony - Jeff Benton, Delaware County
02:30:03Q&A - Rep. Stein
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