00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:18Roll Call
00:00:59H. B. No. 472
00:01:37H. B. No. 613
00:01:56Testimony - Kinsey Kandray, River Valley Organizing
00:04:38Q&A - Rep. Crossman
00:05:32Q&A - Rep. Galonski
00:06:34Q&A - Rep. White
00:07:42Q&A - Rep. Grendell
00:08:41Q&A - Rep. Crossman
00:09:35Testimony - Gisele Stevenson, East Liverpool Municipal Court
00:17:26Q&A - Rep. Crossman
00:18:23Q&A - Rep. Stewart
00:19:33Testimony - Charley Kidder, Opponent
00:24:22Q&A - Rep. Brown
00:26:29Q&A - Rep. Stewart
00:27:56Q&A - Rep. Grendell
00:29:38Q&A - Rep. Brown
00:30:45Testimony - Tim Weigle, Columbiana County Board of Commissioners
00:36:13Q&A - Rep. Brown
00:38:08Q&A - Rep. Grendell
00:40:11H. B. No. 635
00:41:26H. B. No. 439
00:41:40H. B. No. 439 - Vote
00:42:38H. B. No. 648
00:42:52Testimony - Judge Patricia J. Smith, Portage County Juvenile Court
00:46:12Q&A - Rep. Galonski
00:46:51Amendment - Rep. Hillyer
00:47:17Amendment - Rep. Lampton
00:47:49H. B. No. 648 - Vote
00:48:51H. B. No. 646
00:49:37Testimony - Crystal Crawford, Ygrene Energy Fund
00:58:53Testimony - Jim Malle, Ygrene Energy Fund
01:02:27Q&A - Rep. Galonski
01:04:24Q&A - Rep. Cutrona
01:11:28Q&A - Rep. Brown
01:17:17Q&A - Rep. Skindell
01:21:41Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
01:27:52Q&A - Rep. Skindell
01:34:45Testimony - Frank Ford, Western Reserve Land Conservancy
01:42:58Q&A - Rep. Galonski
01:45:35Testimony - Chip Brigham III, Esq., Ohio Land Title Association
01:50:41Q&A - Rep. Stewart
01:53:08Motion to Reconsider H. B. No. 648 - Rep. Galonski
01:54:32Motion to Reconsider H. B. No. 648 - Vote
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