00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Paul Booth, a guest of Rep. Mallory
00:05:25Resolution - HR 404Rep. Grossman and Michael Stinziano honoring the Ohio Provider Resource Association on its Fortieth Anniversary
00:09:25Resolution - HR 430Rep. Timothy Derickson honoring the Miami University synchronized skating team as the 2014 U.S. National Champion
00:12:29Resolution - HR 441Rep. Marlene Anielski honoring the St. Basil The Great Parish high school boys basketball team as the 2014 State CYO Champion
00:14:55Resolution - HR 445Rep. Lou Terhar honoring the Elder High School boys volleyball team as the 2014 Div. I State Champion
00:18:34Resolution - HR 316Rep. Gary Scherer and Hood honoring Austin Wipple for receiving the 2013 National FFA Crop Production-Entrepreneurship Proficiency Award
00:20:33Resolution - HR 444Rep. Phillips honoring Emi Olin as the 2014 Ohio Doodle 4 Google winner
00:25:56Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 129Peter Stautberg
00:28:16Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 130Teresa Fedor
00:37:24Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 171Jeffrey McClainBill Patmon
00:39:16Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 213Dorothy PelandaNicholas Celebrezze
00:41:41Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 366Robert Sprague
00:43:29Conference Committee Report - HB 483Barbara Sears
00:45:05Conference Committee Report - HB 487Barbara Sears
00:48:49Third Consideration - HB 10Christina Hagan
00:58:23Third Consideration - SB 78Mike Dovilla
01:00:49Third Consideration - SB 143James Butler
01:11:56Third Consideration - SB 261James ButlerNicholas Celebrezze
01:15:23Third Consideration - SB 300Jim Buchy
01:18:30At Ease
01:19:05Third Consideration - SB 300
01:20:08Third Consideration - HB 131Terry JohnsonMichael StinzianoDale Mallory
01:26:37Third Consideration - HB 474Mike Dovilla
01:30:23Third Consideration - HB 506Andy ThompsonJack CeraMichael Foley
01:40:17Third Consideration - HB 575Nan BakerMarlene AnielskiConnie PillichNan BakerDenise DriehausMarlene AnielskiBarbara SearsConnie PillichLou TerharBarbara SearsNickie AntonioMarlene Anielski
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