00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Rev. Richard Ellsworth a guest of Rep. Gerald Stebelton
00:08:43Journal of Previous Day
00:09:02Introduction of Bills
00:11:13Third Consideration - HB 162Louis BlessingConnie Pillich
00:12:30Third Consideration - HB 170Louis Blessing
00:13:28Third Consideration - HB 224Louis Blessing
00:14:30Third Consideration - HB 225Louis Blessing
00:15:40Third Consideration - HB 243Louis Blessing
00:16:15Third Consideration - HB 277Louis BlessingRonald GerberryMatt SzollosiRon MaagLouis BlessingMatt Lundy Ron AmstutzAlicia Reece
00:33:52Third Consideration - SB 122Danny BubpDennis Murray
00:41:12Third Consideration - SB 171Dave BurkeDebbie PhillipsDave BurkeCheryl Grossman
00:49:16Third Consideration - HCR 20Jay Goyal Randy Gardner
00:53:25Third Consideration - HR 48Matt Huffman
00:54:02Third Consideration - HB 162Gerald StebeltonDanny BubpConnie PillichJarrod Martin
01:06:52Recognition Rep W. Carlton Weddington with a point of personal privilege
01:10:57Third Consideration - HB 170Robert MecklenborgDennis MurrayRoss McGregor
01:18:28Third Consideration - HB 224Mike DovillaMichael StinzianoKathleen ClydeRobert MecklenborgMatt Huffman
01:30:06Third Consideration - HB 225Bob PetersonAl Landis
01:36:15Third Consideration - HB 243Casey KozlowskiRon Young
01:42:58Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 86Louis BlessingTom LetsonTracy Maxwell HeardNancy GarlandRon AmstutzRonald GerberryLouis Blessing
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