00:02:06Resolution - HR 533Reps. Bill Patmon, Rogers, & Marlene Anielski honoring St. Ignatius High School boys soccer team as the 2014 Div. I State Champion
00:11:20Resolution - HR 518Rep. Richard Adams, honoring the Tippecanoe High School boys cross country team as the 2014 Div. II State Champion
00:17:49Resolution - HR 515Relative to the election of Niraj J. Antani
00:19:23Swearing In Swearing in of Rep. Niraj J. AntaniNiraj J. Antani
00:24:11Third Consideration - HCR 57Barbara SearsNickie Antonio
00:30:16Third Consideration - HB 238James ButlerMichael StinzianoJames ButlerJohn Patrick CarneyJames ButlerJohn Patrick CarneyTom LetsonMichael FoleyJames ButlerMichael FoleyRobert HaganDan RamosTom Letson
00:52:52Third Consideration - HB 343Gerald StebeltonTeresa Fedor
00:57:55Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Thomas Wise, the Director of the Ohio Prayer Caucus Network
01:03:49Third Consideration - HB 378Robert SpragueNickie AntonioRyan SmithRobert SpragueNickie Antonio
01:13:57Third Consideration - HB 383
01:14:44Third Consideration - HB 460Andrew BrennerDenise DriehausRon YoungAndrew BrennerRon YoungLou TerharPeter StautbergTeresa FedorGerald Stebelton
01:43:15Third Consideration - HB 480
01:43:51Third Consideration - HB 529Wes RetherfordMargaret CondittNickie Antonio
01:52:47Third Consideration - SB 227Nan Baker
01:55:40Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Grossman recognizing Army soldier Joseph Riley, recently KIA in Afghanistan
01:58:19Recognition Member Farewell to Rep. StautbergTimothy DericksonDenise DriehausPeter StautbergWilliam Batchelder
02:23:37Recognition Member Farewell to Rep. Roland WinburnFred StrahornPeter StautbergRoland WinburnWilliam Batchelder
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