00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Wendell Brown, a guest of Rep. Gary Scherer
00:04:08Recognition Sen. Chris Widener presents Speaker William Batchelder with flags
00:11:25Resolution - HR 408Reps. Stephanie Kunze & Grossman honoring Libby Gierach as the Chamber of Commerce Executives Ohio 2014 Professional of the Year
00:13:41Resolution - HR 504Rep. Green honoring Georgetown Fire and EMS on being named the 2014 Ohio Volunteer Fire Department of the Year
00:15:50Resolution - HR 512Rep. Andrew Brenner honoring Bun's Restaurant on its One Hundred Fiftieth Aniversary
00:18:38Resolution Reps. Kristina Roegner & John Patrick Carney honoring Amanda Young as the 2014 Ms. Wheelchair Ohio USA
00:21:28Journal of Previous Day
00:21:48Resolution - HR 515in memory of former Rep. Merle Grace KearnsRoss McGregorRobert HackettWilliam BatchelderTeresa FedorKevin Bacon
00:38:11Consideration of Senate Amendment - HJR 12Matt HuffmanVernon SykesKathleen ClydeJohn BeckerRon HoodAlicia ReeceMatt HuffmanJohn Barnes
01:10:28Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 326Kristina RoegnerAlicia Reece
01:14:57Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 394Ryan SmithNickie Antonio
01:20:36Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 440Tim Brown
01:22:19Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 463Terry Johnson
01:27:21Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 494Kirk SchuringRon Amstutz
01:33:17Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 178Debbie PhillipsRon HoodDebbie Phillips
01:38:22Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 201James ButlerBarbara SearsKevin Boyce
01:45:02Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 247Gerald Stebelton
01:49:09Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 258Anne Gonzales
01:50:36Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 290Gerald Stebelton
01:55:56Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 367Robert SpragueDenise DriehausGerald Stebelton
02:06:58Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 663Jim Buchy
02:11:56At Ease
02:14:10Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 109Rex Damschroder
02:16:42Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 131Terry Johnson
02:17:59Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 552Peter Stautberg
02:19:31Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 474Mike DovillaAlicia Reece
02:21:59At Ease
02:29:42Recognition Member Farewell to Rep. HuffmanJim BuchyTom LetsonChristina HaganBill PatmonMatt HuffmanWilliam Batchelder
03:08:56Reconsideration - HJR 12
03:14:45Third Consideration - SB 207James ButlerNickie Antonio
03:20:21Third Consideration - SB 250Jim Buchy
03:25:28Third Consideration - SB 316James ButlerNickie AntonioTom Letson
03:35:04Third Consideration - SB 361Matt Huffman
03:41:21Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Lynn Wachtmann recognizing a staff member
03:45:35Third Consideration - HR 283Ron Young
03:48:42Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Mike Duffey recognizing a departing staff member
03:51:56Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Mike Dovilla recognizing a departing staff member
03:57:54Recognition Member Farewell to Speaker William BatchelderLynn WachtmannVernon SykesTracy Maxwell HeardRon AmstutzBill PatmonJim BuchyJohn BarnesWilliam Batchelder
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