00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Owen Stotts, a guest of Rep. Grossman
00:03:25Resolution - HR 517Reps. Cliff Rosenberger and Ron Maag, honoring the Clinton-Massie high school football team on placing first in the 2012 Div. IV State Championship tournament
00:08:49Resolution - HR 476Rep. Ron Maag and Peter Beck, Honoring Lebanon high school drumline on winning the 2012 WGI Scholastic A World Championship
00:12:49Resolution - HR 494Rep. Ron Maag and Peter Beck honoring Jacquelyn Crow as a 2012 Div. I State Cross Country Champion
00:14:39Resolution - HR 496Rep. Ron Maag and Peter Beck honoring the Bishop Fenwick high school girls soccer team as the 2012 Div. III state champion
00:17:05Resolution - HR 483Rep. Ron Maag and Peter Beck honoring the Franklin High School cheerleading squad as the 2012 OASSA Div. II state champion
00:21:04Resolution - HR 456Rep. Ron Maag honoring Valley Vineyards for its success at the 2012 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition
00:27:52Journal of Previous Day
00:28:11Introduction of Bills
00:29:14Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 360Cliff Rosenberger
00:32:53Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 380Louis BlessingMark OkeyMatt Lundy
00:38:51Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 417Cheryl Grossman
00:41:06Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 420Michael StinzianoDave Hall
00:44:37Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 510Ron AmstutzMichael FoleyRobert Hagan
01:03:06Resolution - HR 523Relative to Travel Allowance
01:05:15Third Consideration - HB 610Louis Blessing
01:06:03Third Consideration - HR 297James ButlerSandra Williams
01:10:57Third Consideration - SB 139Richard AdamsRobert HaganRon YoungGerald StebeltonRichard AdamsRobert HaganLouis BlessingKenny Yuko
01:29:58Third Consideration - SB 304Lynn Wachtmann
01:32:06Third Consideration - SCR 15Lynn Wachtmann
01:36:03Recognition Rep. Lorraine Fende Member FarewellKenny YukoCourtney Eric CombsLorraine Fende
01:54:47Recognition Rep. Gardner Member FarewellJay HottingerMatt SzollosiRandy GardnerWilliam Batchelder
02:19:45Recognition Rep. Murray Member FarewellConnie PillichRoss McGregorDennis MurrayWilliam Batchelder
02:40:21Recognition Rep. Courtney Eric Combs Member FarewellTimothy DericksonDale Mallory Courtney Eric Combs
02:57:34Recognition Rep. Joseph Uecker Member FarewellCheryl GrossmanMatt Lundy
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