00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Jeff Black, a guest of Rep. Smith
00:04:21Resolution - HR 362Speaker William Batchelder and Rep. Hall honoring Noah Baughman as a 2014 Div. I State Wrestling Champion
00:06:35Resolution - HR 363Speaker William Batchelder and Rep. Hall honoring Sebastian Vidika as a 2014 Div. II State Wrestling Champion
00:07:52Resolution - HR 349Rep. Grossman honoring the Central Crossing High School Naval Junior ROTC drill team as the 2013 Mid-Ohio Regional Champion
00:10:02Resolution - HR 361Reps. Sears and Lynn Wachtmann honoring Delta High School wrestling team as the 2014 Div. III State Dual and Team Champion
00:13:21Resolution - HR 389Rep. Kristina Roegner honoring Joshua Yoho on being named the 2014 Ohio Military Youth of the Year, with additional remarks from Reps. Connie Pillich and Slaby
00:33:56Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Mike Dovilla recognizing constituent aid Ashley Zelina
00:35:43Introduction of Bills
00:36:01Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 296Terry JohnsonMike Duffey
00:44:27Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 477Tim BrownMatt HuffmanTim Brown
00:53:39Third Consideration - SB 150Dave HallMicheal Sheehy
01:01:37Third Consideration - HB 483Ron AmstutzRyan SmithSean O'BrienMichael FoleyDebbie PhillipsMatt HuffmanDebbie PhillipsBarbara SearsRobert HaganJeffrey McClainRobert HaganJeffrey McClainRobert HaganMatt Lundy Ron AmstutzBarbara SearsTerry BooseLynn WachtmannChris RedfernRon AmstutzMatt HuffmanChris RedfernDenise DriehausRon AmstutzBarbara SearsMike DuffeyJohn Patrick CarneyRon AmstutzBarbara SearsConnie PillichRon AmstutzBarbara SearsDan RamosLynn WachtmannBarbara SearsDan RamosFred StrahornMike CurtinJohn PattersonRon AmstutzBarbara SearsRon AmstutzMichael Foley
03:36:29Third Consideration - HB 369Robert SpragueTerry BooseNickie AntonioRobert SpragueLynn WachtmannRon Amstutz
04:17:04Third Consideration - HB 484Tim BrownCliff RosenbergerDan Ramos
04:30:38Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Mike Duffey with a point of personal privilege
04:31:20Third Consideration - HB 485Terry JohnsonRyan SmithNickie AntonioRon AmstutzBill Hayes
04:53:30Third Consideration - HB 486Nan BakerDenise DriehausNan BakerBarbara Sears
05:08:05Third Consideration - HB 487Andrew BrennerTeresa FedorGerald StebeltonBarbara SearsNickie Antonio
05:35:16Third Consideration - HB 488Mike DovillaAl LandisConnie Pillich
05:48:46Third Consideration - HB 492Gary SchererTom Letson
05:51:11Third Consideration - HB 493Barbara SearsMichael HenneJohn AdamsRobert HackettBarbara SearsLou Terhar
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