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Supreme Court of Ohio - Case Nos. 2022-1227, 2022-1238, 2022-1229, & 2022-1237 State v. Dunlap & State v. Lewis
When Police Found Car Owner with Suspended License Wasn't Driving, Could Driver Be Questioned?
State of Ohio v. Jessica F. Dunlap and State of Ohio v. Je'Brel D.T. Lewis, Case Nos. 2022-1227, 2022-1238, 2022-1229, and 2022-1237.
Eleventh District Court of Appeals (Geauga County)

ISSUE: When a police officer makes a valid stop of a vehicle registered to a driver with a suspended license and then learns the registered owner isn't driving, may the officer continue to detain the vehicle and ask for the driver's identification?
October 25, 2023