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Supreme Court of Ohio - Case No. 2023-0471 Disciplinary Counsel v. Bennett
Attorney Who Sexually Harassed Intern Argues for Stay of Recommended Sanction
Disciplinary Counsel v. Mark S. Bennett, Case No. 2023-0471
Cuyahoga County

A former federal prosecutor in northern Ohio faces a six-month suspension from the practice of law because he sexually harassed a law student intern over 16 months.

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel and attorney Mark Bennett had agreed to a stayed six-month suspension. However, the Board of Professional Conduct recommends an actual timeout from the practice of law for Bennett. The board report notes that Bennett used his prestigious professional position to pressure the 24-year-old intern, aware that he could have significant influence over her future career.

Bennett objects to the change in the recommended sanction. Because of his objections, the Supreme Court of Ohio will hear the disciplinary matter during oral arguments.
June 28, 2023