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Supreme Court of Ohio - Case No. 2022-1312 Vandercar, L.L.C. v. Port Auth. of Greater Cincinnati Dev. Auth.
Does Port Authority Owe Interest for Breach of Contract?
Vandercar LLC v. The Port Authority of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, Case No. 2022-1312
First District Court of Appeals (Hamilton County)

- In a breach of contract case, must a port authority pay prejudgment interest if it is found liable?
- Does R.C. 4582.22(A) waive all immunity from lawsuits for port authorities, including the immunity protecting them against payment of prejudgment interest?
- When a port authority is engaged in traditionally commercial, rather than governmental, functions, does it have the same responsibility as any other private party, including the obligation to pay prejudgment interest?
September 12, 2023