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Remarkable Ohio - Saint John's Church of Worthington
In 1804, St. John's Church of Worthington became the first Episcopal church established in the Northwest Territory. The Gothic Revival style building was completed in 1831. The first settlers brought the altar that is still in use today, and a church bell that is now housed at Kilbourne Middle School. Reverend Philander Chase, founder of Kenyon College, became the first Episcopal Bishop of Ohio; and James Kilbourne, who is buried in the church graveyard, served as St. John's first Deacon. The graveyard was established on November 23, 1804, and served as the community burial ground in the early nineteenth century. There are 317 documented burials here - including five Revolutionary War and seven War of 1812 veterans. St. John's Church and graveyard are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
August 31, 2011