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Remarkable Ohio - Remarkable Ohio: Jay Terrell and his "Terrible Fish"
Along the shale cliffs of Sheffield Lake, in Lorain County, Ohio, Jay Terrell found the first fossils of a "terrible fish" in 1867. The fish was named in his honor as "Dinichthys Terrelli".

This animal is now known as Dunkleosteus Terrelli after its rediscovery by David Dunkle. It is an extinct, joint-necked, armor-plated fish: an arthrodire.

Scientists believe that the Dunkleosteus lived in the Devonian sea, which covered much of eastern North America around 350 million years ago during the Devonian Period.

Dunkleosteus was armed with an incredible set of shearing jaws, instead of teeth, and was clearly the top marine predator in the "Age of Fishes".
March 20, 2015