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Remarkable Ohio - Anna Dean Farm
Ohio Columbus Barber, a wealthy Ohio businessman and founder of Barberton, retired in 1905 to develop Anna Dean Farm. On this site stood the Main Gatehouse to the 3500 acre estate. Among its 102 structures was Barber's French Renaissance Revival style mansion, which was dubbed by the New York Times as "the finest mansion between New York and Chicago."

The Anna Dean Farm was not only a lavish estate but also a farming showcase built to promote scientific agricultural practices. Barber spared no expense on the farm's equipment and materials, spending almost $1000 per day for operation.

Barn Number 1 was the first structure in 1909. At 285 feet long and 60 feet wide, it was the smallest of the farm's cattle barns. Built in 1910, the Colt Barn was initially intended for bulls. The building was converted in 1912 to a stable for colts. Like many buildings erected by barber, the Colt Barn features the red, white, and blue color scheme.

Between Barber's death in 1920 and 1974, many of the original buildings were razed; only 8 remain today. The historical society saved the Colt Barn, completing restoration in 1998, and the privately owned Barn Number 1 is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
August 31, 2011