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Feagler and Friends - Women's Final Four comes to the Q March 26, 2007
Newsmaker: Donna Lopiano, president and CEO, Women's Sports Foundation. Starting this weekend, a glittering national spotlight falls on Cleveland as the NCAA Women's Final Four comes to the Q. The sold-out, nationally-televised event illustrates how far women's sports have come. Lopiano will talk with Mr. Feagler about how far they have to go to achieve parity with men's sports. The Women's Sports Foundation was founded by tennis great Billie Jean King.

Iraq Funding: The U.S. Senate joined the House in approving a bill paying for the war in Iraq, but setting a timetable for beginning U.S. troop withdrawals. President Bush called Republican leaders to the White House to solicit their support for a fight to uphold his expected veto.

Elizabeth Edwards: The wife of democratic presidential candidate John Edwards came to Cleveland for her first public appearance since announcing that her breast cancer is incurable and spreading, and that her husband was staying in the race. Edwards told a City Club audience, "You can't stop when people are cheering for you all along the way, it makes the private journey we are going through now easier."

Day-care Dichotomy: A study by the National Institutes of Health says children who spend time in day care are slightly more likely to have behavior problems in school. But the study delivered a mixed message. Day care children, it said, are also likely to have better vocabularies as elementary school students.

Ohio Abstains from Abstinence Ed Money: Governor Strickland says Ohio will join a growing number of states that are rejecting federal money meant to pay for school sex education programs that advocate abstaining from sex until marriage.

The new Governor agrees with critics who say abstinence programs are not effective in reducing teen pregnancy. Operators of abstinence programs say they'll continue with or without state support.

March 26, 2007