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Feagler and Friends - The President in Cleveland and Casinos in Ohio
Roundtable panelists: Elizabeth Sullivan, foreign affairs writer, the Plain Dealer; Harry Boomer, 19 Action News; Steve Gleydura, editor, Cleveland Magazine.

President Bush in Cleveland: President Bush defended his Iraq policy in a speech to the Cleveland City Club. He said the effectiveness of US policy could be seen in cities such as Tel Afar, once an insurgent stronghold, but now a safe city. He said helping Iraqis gain their own security will help ensure security for Americans at home. The President observed a long-standing City Club tradition and took unscreened questions from the audience for nearly an hour.

Casino Backers Set to Roll Dice: Ohioans who want to play the slots or sit down at the blackjack table are in the habit of getting on the bus for Windsor or boarding an airplane for Las Vegas. But backers of casino gambling are moving closer to keeping homegrown gamblers right here. Proponents say theyre closer to hammering out a fall ballot issue that will suit public officials and business interests and might even win passage at the polls.

General Motors Downsizing: Faced with a declining market share and billions of dollars in losses, General Motors said this week it will offer thousands of workers a cash buyout. Payments would be based on seniority and workers who take the buyouts would lose most benefits, including health care. GM plans to 30,000 jobs by 2008.

Japan Rules: The Japanese national team won the inaugural World Baseball Classic, beating Cuba in the final 10 to 6. WBC officials say the event demonstrated the quality of baseball being played around the world. The presumptive team to beat, the United States, was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Afghanistan Threatens Christian Convert: The government of Afghanistan says it might execute Abdul Rahman, 41, unless the admitted Christian convert agrees to convert back to Islam. An Afghan judge says conversion to another religion is punishable by death in a country whose constitution is based on Islamic law. But a prosecutor has a ray of hope. He says Rahman may not be mentally fit to stand trial.

March 27, 2006