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Feagler and Friends - Susan Goldberg, Entrepreneurship Preparatory School
Susan Goldberg, editor, The Plain Dealer. Susan Goldberg moved from Silicon Valley to the Rust Belt to take over as editor of Cleveland's daily newspaper. Prior to her move to Cleveland, she was the executive editor and vice president of the San Jose Mercury News. Her newspaper career has included stops at the Detroit Free Press, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and USA Today. Goldberg is the first woman to be named editor of the Plain Dealer. She'll talk to Mr. Feagler about her early impressions of northeast Ohio and discuss her plans for moving The Plain Dealer forward in a challenging climate for American Newspapers.

John Zitzner, founder; Marshall Emerson III, head-of-school, Entrepreneurship Preparatory School. Sixth-grade students at the new Cleveland charter school have just completed their first year of classes with dramatic academic improvement. E Prep opened a year ago to educate a new generation of entrepreneurs. Students go to class on a rigorous eleven-month schedule; some attending classes on Saturdays if they're having trouble with their school work. School officials say not only did test scores improve, but absenteeism and discipline problems dropped. The school will enroll both sixth and seven graders next term, gradually increasing the number of students. The school's leaders will talk to Mr. Feagler about the E Prep methodology and philosophy.
July 23, 2007