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Feagler and Friends - Savage Peace and West of the Cuyahoga April 30, 2007
Ann Hagedorn, author, Savage Peace, Hope and Fear in America 1919. The veteran journalist recreates for us "a year of struggle. A dark, apocalyptic time&" It was the year that followed the end of The Great War and a flu epidemic that killed millions. It should have been a time of hope. But there were fears of revolution, labor and union strife, terrorist attacks and race riots. Hagedorn's book looks at the causes and effects of a seminal year in American history and their sometimes-disturbing parallels to the events of today.

George E. Condon, author, West of the Cuyahoga. We think of our city as having an East Side and a West Side divided by a crooked river. The Cuyahoga once served as a boundary between rival municipalities, and they could have remained disparate entities to the modern day. The reason they didn't is explained in Condon's book. He takes a look at the historical forces that shaped what was known as Brooklyn, then the City of Ohio, then Ohio City and what finally made them one city. Condon is a veteran newspaperman who wrote columns for The Plain Dealer for 41 years.
April 30, 2007