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Feagler and Friends - Jackson Action Plan
Jackson Action Plan: Mayor Frank Jackson's Connecting Cleveland 2020 citywide plan envisions spending $1.6 billion to turn Cleveland into "a city of choice." Jackson wants to build a convention center and turn Burke Lakefront Airport into a business park. Smaller, and perhaps more immediate projects, include a stepped-up schedule for tearing down condemned housing, building bike paths, and improving neighborhoods.

Developers Drop Gauntlet: People building housing in Cleveland warned a City Council committee this week that they'll stop building if the city ends or alters the property tax abatements that serve as an incentive for people to make the city their home. Builders say without abatements, the pool of buyers will dry up and the growth in housing starts will wither.

State of the Union: President Bush used his annual State of the Union address to call for changes in health care policy, a reduction in gasoline consumption coupled with a rise production of alternative fuels, and asked Congress to give his new Iraq strategy a chance to work.

Wind Turbines: A state wildlife biologist said this week that wind turbines situated in Lake Erie off Cleveland would pose a danger to birds flying through the area, but it will be difficult to determine just how much danger. Studies are being done on land to assess the threat to birds, but such a study over open water would be nearly impossible, said the expert. A local task force is preparing to recommend an experimental wind farm to be built several miles offshore.

Most Women Now Unmarried: The New York Times reports 51% of American women are living without a spouse. Some observers challenged the accuracy of the finding, but if true experts think it's the first time that's happened. They cite a number of reasons: some women are waiting longer for their first marriage, many women live longer after being widowed, and many are living with partners to whom they're not married.
January 29, 2007