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Feagler and Friends - Firefighter lawsuit and the Akron Beacon Journal
Hundert Resigns: Case Western Reserve University president Ed Hundert resigned effective September first under heavy pressure from university faculty that questioned his organizational and fund-raising skills. The resignation followed by two weeks a vote of no-confidence by the arts and sciences faculty.

Good Knight and Good Luck: The Knight-Ridder newspaper chain has sold its papers to the McClatchy Company for cash and stock. But McClatchy isn't keeping all the papers. It announced plans to spin off the Akron Beacon Journal and better-known mastheads such as the Philadelphia Inquirer and the San Jose Mercury News. No suitors for the Beacon Journal have publicly come forward.

Firefighters' Lawsuit Settled: Lawyers for black Cleveland firefighters and the city have settled a lawsuit filed years ago in which some firefighters claimed tests required for promotion to higher rank were biased against blacks. Others claimed of hostile treatment by white co-workers. Some will get money as part of the settlement; others will be promoted.

Can't Get No Satisfaction: Rockers like Black Sabbath and the Sex Pistols were welcomed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week, but as usual the induction ceremony left Cleveland with anything but That Lovin' Feeling. The ceremony again snubbed Cleveland in favor of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.

Newsmaker: Don Bryant, Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network: Activists claim a barrier put up by the U.S. government to keep out illegal aliens should get part of the blame for the deaths of scores of Mexicans in the deserts of Arizona and California. Members of the Immigrant Support Network traveled to the border region recently to meet with the U.S. Border Patrol and with advocates for illegals. Don Bryant will talk with Mr. Feagler about the group's findings.

March 20, 2006