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Feagler and Friends - Eminent Domain
Newsmaker: Senator Tim Grendell, chair of the Eminent Domain Task Force. The Ohio Supreme Court places limits the circumstances under which municipalities can claim private land for other uses. The ruling, in a case against the city of Norwood, Ohio, says cities can't take property just because the action might produce an economic benefit. Instead, cities have to prove that the property being taken has deteriorated to the point that new development would be an improvement. Its not clear if the ruling will affect plans for new development in Clevelands Flats.

Roundtable: Elizabeth Sullivan, foreign affairs writer, the Plain Dealer; Reverend Marvin McMickle, Antioch Baptist Church; Stan Bullard, Crains Cleveland Business.

Browns/Channel 19 Dispute: WOIO-TV has taken the Cleveland Browns to court saying the Browns must abide by their contract that calls for airing pre-season games and other Browns-related programs. Browns management announced it was dropping the station following news programs in which the station aired a 911 call that stemmed from the drowning of owner Randy Lerners niece.

Team NEO: The business organization emerged three years ago as a super chamber of commerce to nurture economic development and expansion all over northeast Ohio. A recent Plain Dealer report focused on the organizations less-than-stellar results. The article held that little has happened to pull the region out of its longstanding economic malaise and that provincial concerns still hamper advancement of the region.

Middle East Fighting: Israel and Hezbollah fighters spent the week trading bombs and missiles as Israeli forces appear to be gearing for a larger ground assault into southern Lebanon. International leaders continued calls for a cease-fire while Secretary of State Rice shuttled around the region trying to build support for a lasting peace.

Newsmaker 2: Dave Pavlick, Single-Payer Action Network (SPAN-Ohio). Hes a union representative whos just returned from a 600-mile walk across the state of Ohio to promote the Health Care for All Ohioans Act, a potential ballot initiative that would provide medical, dental and mental health care for everyone in the state. A collection of taxes on business, employers and the wealthy would pay for it
July 31, 2006