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Feagler and Friends - Davis Murder, Iraq Split
Davis Murder: The roundtable will discuss the Davis killing, which continues to attract nationwide attention.

Where Have All the People Gone? The U.S. Census Bureau reports Cleveland's population has dropped to 444,000. Once the nation's fifth-largest city, Cleveland now ranks 40th and there's no sign the downward trend is leveling off. Some are moving from the city to the suburbs, others are leaving for other states.

Iraq Split: Republican support for the war in Iraq eroded this week with Ohio Senator George Voinovich and Indiana Senator Richard Lugar expressing reservations about continuing U.S. involvement there. Voinovich, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, says the U.S. can accomplish more through gradual disengagement and fostering increased international involvement in Iraq. Lugar says the costs and risks associated with Iraq outweigh the benefits to the U.S.

No Smoking: The Cleveland Clinic is taking its no-smoking policy a step further. The Clinic announced this week it will no longer hire staffers who smoke or use tobacco in any form. It joins a growing list of companies implementing non-smoking policies to cut health care costs and improve the health of staffers. Critics say such policies infringe on the rights of workers.

July 2, 2007