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Feagler and Friends - Cleveland Violence, President Bush in Cleveland
NewsNewsmaker: Dan Joyce, executive director, Cleveland Mediation Center. A new Cleveland summer has brought a spate of violence. A West side man guns down three neighbors as simmering resentment boils over into gunshots stemming from anger about neighborhood fireworks. Two small children are shot as gunmen fire into a crowd on East 173rd. A woman is doused with acid as she gets off an eastside bus. Is there a better way to resolve the conflict that often leads to violence? The Cleveland Mediation Center has been working since 1981 to encourage peaceful resolution to disputes. Its director will discuss the Center's work with Mr. Feagler.

Roundtable: Mark Naymik, politics reporter, The Plain Dealer; Regina Brett, metro columnist, The Plain Dealer; Mike Roberts, freelance journalist.

Cleveland Violence: The roundtable will continue discussion of the violence on city streets and analyze the sometimes-puzzling public reaction to it.

President Bush in Cleveland: President Bush visited Cleveland this week to focus the spotlight on technology and health care, but he made national news by speaking out on his Iraq policy. He said in a question-and-answer session at a town hall meeting that he won't pull troops out of Iraq unless his military commanders in Iraq recommend it.

Public Square Curfew: Cleveland City Council is mulling over a possible curfew for Public Square, the historical center of the city. The curfew would prohibit gatherings in the square in the late-night and early-morning hours. Council leaders say the legislation would improve safety in the square. Critics say the proposal is aimed at keeping the homeless from spending the night in the square.

Coarsening America: 1967 was a year that wrought change in America when tens of thousands congregated in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park for a Human Be-In also dubbed The Summer of Love. For many Americans, it was a first look at a budding hippie counter-culture. Young Cleveland Press reporter Dick Feagler was sent to cover the Be-In and for him it was the first look at a cultural sea change he says would lead to a coarsening of mores and manners that continues in the new century.
July 13, 2007