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Feagler and Friends - Cleveland Development
Downtown Visions: For people who remember the glory days of Higbee's, the May Company and Halle's, and can recall the big Christmas tree at Sterling-Lindner, the holidays can be a sadly nostalgic time. But there's reason for optimism. Learn why on Feagler and Friends. Mr. Feagler talks with three prominent northeast Ohioans with plans to play key roles in the redevelopment of downtown Cleveland.

Robert Stark, president Robert L. Stark Enterprises. Bob Stark is best known as the brain behind Crocker Park, the lifestyle development in Westlake that opened in the fall of 2004. He also developed Eton Chagrin Boulevard, an upscale retail/office complex in Woodmere. He has a vision that a project similar to Crocker Park might work in an urban setting like downtown Cleveland.

February 6, 2006