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Feagler and Friends - Byrd's Swan Song & Governor's Race
Roundtable panelists:
Kevin O'Brien, columnist for the Plain Dealer
Mark Naymik, politics reporter, Plain Dealer
Harry Boomer, 19 Action News.

Byrd's Swan Song: After seven-plus years as the CEO of the Cleveland school district, Barbara Byrd-Bennett says it's time to move on. Friday, February 10th is her last day on the job. She's moving to new digs at Cleveland State University. On her watch, the district was able to obtain funding for a massive overhaul of an aging physical plant. But recent funding setbacks have led to academic setbacks.

Governor's Race: The race for the Ohio governor's office continues to take shape with some of the top candidates naming running mates. Incumbent Bob Taft is out because of constitutional term limits, so it's a wide-open race. And both parties are poised to do some blood-letting in the primaries.

Cartoon Controversy: Muslims around the world have taken offense to cartoons running in a Danish newspaper that depict the Prophet Mohammed, the holiest figure of Islam. Their anger has fueled riots in Afghanistan, noisy protests in other countries and spirited debate about free speech and expression.

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February 13, 2006