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Feagler and Friends - Arts Tax
Roundtable: Greg Saber, reporter, WTAM 1100; Bill Livingston, sports columnist, The Plain Dealer; Sam Fulwood III, columnist, The Plain Dealer.

Greg's Trip to Iraq: Radio reporter Greg Saber is just returned from a two-week stay in Iraq where he met and talked with northeast Ohioans serving in the U.S. military, toured Baghdad, and even slept in a former presidential palace. Hell talk with Mr. Feagler and members of the roundtable about his experiences.

Arts Tax: Local smokers might be the target of a new tax to support arts organizations in greater Cleveland. The Cuyahoga County commissioners have approved for the fall ballot a 30-cents-a-per pack tax that organizers say would raise $20-million per year. Smokers have been paying a 4.5-cent "sin tax" for local stadium projects since 1990 in addition to $1.64 in state and federal taxes.

The Late Great Debate: Gubernatorial candidates Ted Strickland and Kenneth Blackwell will debate each other prior to the November 7th election, just not in Cleveland. Both camps had agreed to a Cleveland debate, along with others in Columbus, Cincinnati and Youngstown. But the candidates pulled out of the Cleveland debate when sponsoring newspapers refused to include the Call and Post among the sponsors.

Indians at Mid-Season: What was supposed to be a year in which the Indians emerged as a baseball elite has turned into a train wreck. The Indians were 40 and 47 at the All-Star break and so far behind the leaders in the AL Central that a comeback seems out of the question. Well talk about what went wrong and how to make it right.

Terror Targets: A report this week listed the state of Indiana as having more potential targets for terrorist attacks than any other state, almost 8600. Ohio was seventh in the National Asset Database with almost 1900 potential targets. Critics are laughing off some of them: The Mule Day Parade in Columbia, Tennessee; the petting zoo in Woodville, Alabama; and the Apple and Pork Festival in Clinton, Illinois
July 17, 2006