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Feagler and Friends - 9-11 Anniversary
The Youngstown Debate: The first of the debates in the Governor's race took place in Youngstown this week with neither Democrat Ted Strickland nor Republican J. Kenneth Blackwell scoring a clear victory. Both drew a sketch of what course theyd set if elected and both were critical of each others records. But it was a debate that will be remembered for providing minimum heat and light.

Cleveland School Leaders Well-Paid: The Plain Dealer reported more than a dozen top Cleveland school officials are earning six-figure salaries. A quartet of administrators serving under new CEO Eugene Sanders are making more than the superintendent of the Columbus public schools, now the states largest school district. The pay of top administrators is often cited by voters as a key reason for voting against levies.

Congress Returns: Congress returns to Washington for an unusually-rancorous pre-election session with both parties trying to position themselves for the greatest gain at the polls in November. Immigration reform has been pushed to the back burner in favor of issues with more political meat such as a proposed censure for Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and legislation regulating anti-terrorist wiretaps.

9-11 Anniversary: Monday, the nation marks the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center, damaged the Pentagon and brought down an airliner in Pennsylvania. Well ponder the lessons learned in the five years since the attacks.

9-11 Docudrama: ABC-TV is taking criticism for a mini-series it hasnt aired yet. The Path to 9-11, scheduled to air Sunday and Monday nights, gives the former Clinton administration the lions share of the blame for failing to prevent the attacks. ABC says the film draws on the 9-11 commission report, interviews and documents, but is a dramatization, not a news documentary. Former Clinton administration figures blasted the film saying many of events portrayed never happened.
September 11, 2006