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City Club of Cleveland - Revitalizing Cities, Strengthening Regions: The Promise of Equitable Development
Revitalizing Cities, Strengthening Regions: The Promise of Equitable Development
Angela Glover Blackwell
Founder and CEO, PolicyLink

Since the 1950s and '60s, many older cities like Cleveland have seen eroded prosperity and neighborhood decline as businesses and middleclass homeowners followed new development to the suburbs. These metropolitan regions are now challenged by wide racial and income disparities between city and newer suburbs. Angela Glover Blackwell will discuss the concept of equitable development and how it works to revitalize central cities and older suburbs while ensuring that all residents--particularly low-income and racial- and ethnic-minority people--benefit from neighborhood and regional improvement.

Since its inception in January 1999, PolicyLink has partnered with a cross-section of stakeholders to ensure that questions of equity receive the highest priority in addressing major policy issues, including urban sprawl and smart growth, reinvestment in low-income communities, bridging the digital divide, eliminating racial health disparities, and developing leaders for policy change.

Blackwell founded PolicyLink after serving as senior vice president for The Rockefeller Foundation, where she directed its domestic and cultural divisions and developed the Next Generation Leadership and Building Democracy programs. In 1987, she founded the Urban Strategies Council after serving as a partner with Public Advocates for 10 years.

Blackwell is a co-author of "Searching for the Uncommon Common Ground: New Dimensions on Race in America." She collaborated with Tavis Smiley to develop the New York Times best-selling book "The Covenant with Black America." Blackwell has made guest appearances on ABC's Nightline, NOW with Bill Moyers, and NPR and has been published in the opinion pages of The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle.
February 26, 2007